How to rank keywords position & how to build backlinks complete strategy

how to build backlinks



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check keyword ranking difficulty tool

1) Make sure your page contain your targeted keywords on URL, Title, H1 and KO. When Google find your page, it looks for content exact relevancy first.


URL: Your page link should not be messy which showing the symbols that Google spider don’t understand make it harder to index and rank your page result. Therefore, your should put keywords in your page link, this is the top priority when come to content relevancy.

Title: Same rule as above, this is the second priority for Google to look for, You should also contain keywords in your title.

H1: Same rule as above, this is the third priority for Google to look for, You should also contain keywords in your page header.

KO: How many times your targeted keywords showing on your page, you should not stuff too many keywords in your article, that is not a good practice for user readability. But however you can put emphasize your keywords at the beginning part of your articles to get search engines noticed of what your content about.

Desc: This is your page description, Google showing the description result to encourage user click-through rate, but it does not relate to content relevancy when Google find your page.

WC: How many words in your single page, this is nothing to do with your page relevancy when Google find your content, but the more content the better for user experience, the reality is that people like to read rich informative article.

2) More quality traffic, quality relevant backlinks will help increasing Alexa ranking and Google PageRank score to rank better on Google.

Use this tool to find out more about your site ranking stats?


ALX: Global Alexa Rank, showing that your site global ranking position with traffic, the more traffic and unique visitors your have, the better global ranking & Google ranking your will achieve.

PR: Same rule as above, the more quality relevant backlinks you have acquired, the more Google PageRank score(1-10) & Google ranking your will achieve.

GI: Show you how many of your site pages have been indexed by Google, this one has nothing to do with your keywords ranking, but greatly increase your change of content exposure online.

DMZ: It is an online business directory, it has nothing to do with keywords ranking, but it is nice to have your site index in this directory.

DA: If your site domain is old, like 10 years old, the chance increase that you might rank better than same quality keywords from your competitors.

3) Same rules like above, find better quality relevant backlinks to your site will increase your Domain & Page authority to rank better than your competitors on Google.

The ranking rules was created by, a well know SEO company, you can find more information here:

what is your domain authority score

PA: Page authority – A 100-point score representing the likelihood of a page to rank well in search engine results

DA: Domain Authority – A 100-point score representing the likelihood of a domain to rank well in search engine results

LI: link – The total number of links both internal and external to your page.

ELI: External Equity Links – The total numbers of your quality relevant backlinks pointing to your page URL. Backlinks are the most important factor when trying to rank better than your competitors on Google. If you visit other sites online, and you find your page Url in there which pointing to your site, that is simply called Backlinks.

R-URL: MozRank: URL – The MozRank is 10-point score metric, a Same rule as above.

R-DOM: MozRank: Subdomain – It is 10-point score metric, a Same rule as above.


keyword research tool

google keyword search suggestions

1) Use different keyword tools to find less competitive, high search volume, long phrase keywords.

Google Keyword Planner: tool:

2) Use Google webmaster tools to check your keyword position ranking report, so that you would know how effectively is your keywords ranking and backlink building strategy?

Google Search Engine Keyword Position Check tool

kyeword serp report

3) Use Google Trend to find most search keywords in your niche with your sort input to narrow down what you want:

google trend report

4) Find more keyword Advice here:

how to get backlinks


backlinks building strategy infographic



When come to ranking top position for your keywords, use the above Step 1 Strategy first. Make sure you input your keywords in most of your page elements such as ‘Page Url‘, ‘Title‘, ‘H1 Header‘ and ‘KO‘. Then use keyword tools in Step 2 Strategy to find best keywords to rank.

After that, all your strategies are about to find External similar content website for quality Backlinks. When your site has so many quality relevant backlinks, it will help your site increase Google Pagerank, Domain & Page Authority, more traffic, then your ideal targeted keywords will rank better than your competitors under same metrics and circumstances shown here.

Check your Google Webmaster Tools backlinks counts reports

Google Webmaster tools backlinks report


1) Use best Backlinks tool: Free Backlink watch Tool checker SEO tool here –, this is the best free version backlink report tool I have ever used, give a try, you will love the result you get.

You can also input your relevant competitor’s sites to check their backlink report and spot any opportunities for your own backlinks building efforts.

If you find any pages you want to index your backlinks, you can just Email the page ownerand write a brief message that tell him how he can benefit from your page content if linking your page to.

Or you can conduct a main keyword search on Google, find all the similar site email addresses, paste it to your excel file, then send Batch Emails out with BCC mode, personized your message with a warm welcome tone that tell them to check out your useful message that might be benefit them.

Use this Website Massive Email Scraper Tool to help you get the job done, simply input one of your targeted keyword, the tool will help you generate all related website emails into an Excel file, after that, you kind of check again and delete the bad emails, copy paste all the good ones to the above Batch Email task.

If you create a content with lots of inside data, mental trigger, real marketing success case studies, useful tips with below cool creative infographic design to describe your message, then people will most likely to link your pages to his site.

The reality is always be creative with content, and it is all about creation of good content.




Paid Version – If you use paid version, you have to think about your goals, if you have a large site, it might be worth it or don’t buy it. The paid version definitely gives you more data.

Paid Backlink Tool Version:

2) Understand who are your targeted customers that might buy your products or services, try to locate which website, blogs or Q&A forums they might visiting, find a way to interact and bring value to them, so that they will click back to your site for more valuable information.

3) When you promote a message with your link, don’t oversell, make sure bring value and answer questions first.

4) If you are selling information based products. Q&A forums are always the good choice, you can find the similar site like , This is my favorite site when come to find targeted users to promote your niche products or services, you will get instant click results if you know how to answer different questions to help your targeted users. You should set up the Google Analytics Tool to track the referral traffic when you promote anywhere online. online forum marketing

check Google Analytics referral traffic 2

5) When you find a site to promote, make sure the site is not in bad reputation, it has good PageRank, high traffic, lots of activities.

6) If you promote on bad quality or garbage sites for backlinks, it is not going to help but actually doing more hard to your site in the eyes of search engines policy.

7) Make sure always find ‘Targeted Customers‘ in your niche to promote your message for better backlinks and boost your site conversion rate.

8) I have pretty good personal marketing success with Facebook Post Ad, you can learn how to set up the Ad and more information here:


9) Press Release Distribution services is a really effective way to boost your site traffic and gain long-term reputation over a period of time. You will receive lots of Google indexed pages, backlinks to your site.


Preview Press Release Article Example

METRICBUZZ.COM PRESS RELEASE MARKETING CASE STUDY REPORT PDF press release report 1 press release report 2 press release report 3 press release report 4 press release report 5

10) If your most audience are Teenagers, I strongly recommend you try to use, register an account, perfect your profile. Find a blog owner who has at lease 50,000 followers, send him/her a message, negotiate with him/her, pay a fee to ask him/her a favor to post a message for you. Your message should always include a creative Description thatbrings a mental trigger to your targeted audience, a link to click back to your site, an infographic type of image that would instantaneously attract people’s attention to your message.

This is my favorite approach to marketing to teenagers, I have huge personal success of this marketing method alone, getting 10,000 hits to your site a day by launching a marketing campaign on Tumblr is not a hard thing to do.

The Tumblr content is known for funny, meme, new generation culture stuff which most teenagers love to visit and use the blog. If you can create funny content on whatever you are doing and promote to their blog posts on Tumblr will bring your site lot of ‘Likes‘ & ‘Reblog‘ which will generate more traffic and backlinks to your site in the long term.

Ok, there are lots of detail methods about how to market on Tumblr and bring decent traffic to your site, but I can’t go details to it.

***Check My Tumblr blog ‘Reblog’ Marketing Case Study

Tumblr viral marketing

***The funny content example:

Social Quiz-what type of girl are you?

11) Blog Guest Posting: Find your 100 plus potential guest posting blogs here 

There are lots of blogs these days that allow you post quality content to their site, so all you need to do is understanding your niche market, find similar guest post blogs and apply to submit your content to their sites. Whether or not to get approval is depending on your content quality, does it bring helpful tips or value to their blog audience.

If you are able to creative cool content that bring values to the guest post blogs, and they accept your content, this would be really effective way to boost your site traffic, backlinks, ultimately influence your keywords ranking position on Google.

12) Article submissions: Looks for quality sites for your massive article submission work.

Find quality, lots of traffic sites like ,, to submit your article content. This would also be a great way to boost traffic and backlinks to your site.

Find best sites for article submission here

13)Viral Marketing, Referral Marketing, Incentive Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing:

All above marketing techniques could be tie together, imagine how those new emerging technology companies like, succeed by using these techniques?

If you have a real good product or service ready to offer, then you can study how to implement above techniques.

First you need to set up a page, reward your current users sharing your products or services to their connected friends or family members, and if they sign up, spend some money on your products or services, then the referral member would get a cash back or bonus.

If your products or services are really good, and you set up the reward system the right way, with right tracking tools, keep adjust your marketing campaign by the report data, you might have great success with these above methods.

Check 39 brand name new company successful case studies that using above marketing methods.

14) Dominate your Local Business search keywords with massive local directory submissions:

check local business listing citations tool

— Understand how your local user search for your local business, like what type of the keywords they will input on

— Using targeted keywords to create a complete business profile first, then use that profile to submit to massive local business listings to dominate your local keywords search.

— Make sure spend some money to hire a good graphic designer to create some cool graphic that able to catch your audience attention.

Find complete local business listings here

Using our Local Business Listing Citations Tool to guide you and get your job done.


AI Marketing Is Coming. Is Your Business Ready?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the subject of overzealous, grandiose predictions for as long as computers have existed.

It has long been a core component of the financial and manufacturing sectors, and it seems to have its sights set on transportation and health care next. Self-driving cars improve every day and algorithms can already predict heart attacks with a higher success rate than human doctors.

But these are just the applications that make it to the news. AI has been quietly making itself a mainstay in the world of marketing too – and it’s something your business needs to be ready for.

AI vs. Machine Learning

AI has become the latest hot buzzword, so even if a product uses machine learning, you’re likely to see it marketed as AI.

Machine learning is the technology that allows us to analyze vast data sets and produce useful insights. Meanwhile, AI makes independent decisions based on those insights, beyond what initial programming intended. Machine learning is present in all the systems we will talk about, while AI isn’t.

One of the primary technologies that makes machine learning data analysis so effective in marketing is natural language processing (NLP). This is what allows a system to look at a body of natural text and extract data fit for processing. It’s also the technology that allows a system to output natural-sounding text.

The recent wave of chatbots is just one of the ways in which NLP, combined with machine learning, is impacting the marketing landscape. It’s the combination of AI, machine learning and NLP that has some people convinced the holy grail of marketing can be achieved. How?

Imagine every one of your customers had their own personal marketer; someone whose sole job was to market to that single person. They could spend hours poring over each bit of data available on your customer and hand craft all correspondence, making sure it’s perfectly tailored to them. Better still, imagine they integrate all the data available from previous interactions with similar customers.

That’s essentially the end goal for AI in marketing. And it’s enough to make some people think the impact of AI will rival, and perhaps dwarf, that of TV or the internet.

AI and customer relationship management

Effective customer relationship management takes a lot of work. You need to constantly update your strategies based on the data you receive, and provide a multitude of communication channels that are each time-consuming to run.

An AI system can automate much of your customer support work by introducing a chatbot. Modern chatbots can communicate in a professional tone that makes them almost indistinguishable from a human author. Since customer support queries tend to be quite similar, it’s a natural place to introduce AI, and to pass it off to a human if it becomes uncertain of what the customer wants.

If you’ve built your business website using a CMS like Shopify, then you will be able to add a chatbot easily by integrating one of the many available apps, and reap the customer support benefits that it provides. Ako Chatbot is one such example – watch this video to see how it can help your business:

One feature that’s uniquely possible for AI is churn prediction. Churn refers to a customer ceasing their relationship with the company. So the ability to predict churn, and take steps to retain the customer, represents a significant potential increase in revenue.

Churn prediction uses machine learning to analyze user data and learn the signs that suggest a customer is disengaged and at risk of churning.

Churn prediction can be applied to maintain players of your game, users of your app, or customers of your store. It’s all the same to an algorithm. The AI then learns from its experiences with previous churning customers to attempt to re-engage them. This is often more successful with long-term users than those who sign up and churn rapidly.

Automated email marketing

Another area in which AI shines is managing your email marketing. Using the strengths of machine learning and data analysis, you can identify different interest groups within your audience. From there, with the help of your human team, you can create a segmented newsletter with parts relevant to everyone.

The AI can then distribute the most effective version of the newsletter for each individual. This is a great way to increase reader engagement, which is sure to lead to more sales for your business down the line.

If you ever buy from Amazon, then you have probably received automatically generated emails containing recommendations for similar items you might be interested in. Their system can also identify when you search for an item and don’t make a purchase. It will then send you a follow-up email trying to help you find what you were looking for.

This is an excellent application of AI’s strengths in content suggestion, which we have seen companies such as Netflix take advantage of to keep customers engaged with their streaming service.

The biggest risk associated with these recommendations and follow-up messages is that they could become annoying. In that case, you might actually be discouraging people from making a purchase, which will likely lead to them unsubscribing from all email messaging.

Content marketing

Services such as BrightEdge and Curata use AI to optimize much of your content marketing day-to-day work. Machine learning is used to identify the topics that will perform best, and manage many of the more mundane tasks, such as finding appropriate keywords.

This is another feature that relies heavily on NLP, since it’s more common these days for people to perform searches in natural language – partly because of the number of searches performed via virtual assistants and voice search.

This increased automation allows your human team to focus solely on creating engaging, quality content. While AI is capable of independently writing articles based on pre-sorted data, in its current state, it’s only really good enough for writing financial reports.

However, BrightEdge is capable of working in conjunction with a human writer by offering live, on-page recommendations regarding SEO best practices, and suggestions to optimize content performance. In short, your business’s content marketing team isn’t redundant, yet…

This is just the beginning, for AI current technologies will continue to be refined, new technologies will be pioneered, and the computing power available to power it will increase. Technology is not something that you can pick and chose; technology announces its value, either becomes adopted, replaced, or fades away, and your business must adjust to meet the changes to your industry that come as a result of it.

It’s time to start planning how you will integrate AI into your business if you’re not already taking advantage of it.

Read more: Will Humans Worship Big Data in Future?


What’s your viral loop? Understanding the engine of adoption

A viral loop is an online marketing campaign which is used to promote a particular brand, product or service in social media, blogs, and web pages; viral marketing influence the audiences to make them share the content with other people. The viral loop works extraordinarily by reaching millions of audiences in a short span of time; the loop begins when a user start sharing with their friends.


The difference between a viral loop and other marketing campaigns is that the viral loop transforms the audiences into marketers in the social media platform–it allows spreading almost any content among the consumers. The companies expecting to improve their business growth can opt for viral loop as it is an inexpensive, efficient method to cover wide audience without doing much work.


Creating viral loop strategy


To begin with viral marketing, a company should possess the effective product, service or customer beneficial offerings that target the audiences; the success of viral loop also lies in the incentive that attracts the customers and makes them take action immediately. Making the offer simple, creative, and understandable will increase the chances of spreading the viral loop; the most importantly the content should be interesting and informative — the boring viral loop will never make an impact on the customers.


Secrets of viral marketing

The viral marketing facilitates in achieving the business objectives; the viral ads that are circulated online are paid ads backed by a sponsor company which is posted on their own website or social media platforms. The customers who participate in a viral loop will copy the website link or viral ads and pass it via the email, blogs, websites and social media profile page.


The viral loop can be framed using video content, Flash games, images, memes, text messages, web pages, e-books, e-mail and more. Viral marketing is widely differentiated as a trend based, incentive based, pass-along based and undercover based (Source: Wikipedia). The major objective of viral marketers is to create the best viral loops that make the creative viral messages to spread instantly by the customers in major communication channels.


How to design a viral loop? (Source:


Many viral loops are being posted on the online media channels that focus on an e-book, product or services, but creating the effective loop still remains doubtful among the marketers. Designing a viral loop is similar to building software, which requires an effectual teamwork that understands the tools and follows the process iterations. There is no guarantee that a viral loop works every time as like the software product which you are unsure about the marketing success.


Viral loops are still not tried by many marketers — luckily if everyone knows to create a viral loop that builds virality in social media, the importance of customers will reduce which may results in lowest response rate to their content. Therefore, the viral loops will be ignored and considered negatively in media channels.


To experience the benefits of a viral loop, it should be built based on their unique product – which cannot be replicated by others unless they are the direct competitor of your product; such viral loop becomes lasting in media channels also effective for the business. The creation of viral loop meets different designing stages that establish the business integrity and builds user distribution.


Step 1: Building framework


The initial stage of the viral loop is to create a fundamental strategy that focuses on your loop–this can be done by identifying how the user can know their products and how they will pass it along with their other audiences. Some of the boring viral strategies followed by Facebook are: find your friends, quizzes and gift feature — these are less accessed by the users nowadays.


Before leveraging the existing viral loop marketing strategy, here are the some of the questions that help you to reach the viral marketing goal:

• Do you believe that your viral loop will suit your product or service which you are promoting?
• Does your viral loop create business value to your firm?
• If your viral loop becomes successful, will it sell your product or bounce back the users when the reach the end point.

Thereby, to make your viral loop effective, it should pass several testing stages for the successful implementation of the loop.


Step 2: Implementation

Successful development of viral loop is most important for the business success; effective viral development may take more days to complete–for the best implementation practice, utilize agile development standards that help you to produce the right features or web pages. To create a best viral loop, it should be strongly focused on your niche; for example, if your video sharing website, you can involve in creating attractive video Likewise, if you are an eCommerce platform, you can involve in offering offers to customers.

In this step, you should gather all your development stages in a single codebase and change the order of pages or page elements; once you complete the viral loop, you can easily modify it in the right way for your business.


Step 3: Reach the customers

One of the easiest ways to multiply your traffic is to pay for the audiences–offering money for each day to build your online traffic will help to improve the level of traffic to your website.


Step 4: Optimize the traffic rate

When you experience the rise in incoming traffic, you can optimize the targeting web page by analyzing it using A/b testing or through Google web optimized tool. The process will help you to identify the value for the money you are spending—more traffic will eventually increase your sales. To perform this process, you should follow the below conditions:

• Reduce the flow of pages that takes the audience to the end point
• Modifying the user interface that takes the user to the next stage
• Testing your page flow in different angles to identify its true value
• Improving the count of people being invited


The enhancement process may take more days than the other stages, but sometimes it may create no interest towards the audiences–as it involves in inviting people more time in a single iteration and performing a less customer-oriented process which may make the viral loop ineffective. After the series of the optimization process, you can either one of the results:

• Failure in reaching goal and traffic
• Reached your goal and higher traffic rate


If you are unable to reach the targeted goal, it’s better to stop the enhancement step because the changes may show very less impact on your metrics. In order to achieve the business value, you should restart the entire process from development stage—the failure denotes that you want to end the optimization or testing process and create deeper features to gain audiences.


Step 5: Refinement

The final stage of the viral loop is to polish it by triggering the following issues:

• Making the viral loop customer-centric in the first place
• Creating the best user experience by removing the inessential page elements
• Integrating viral loop in your product in the right way


For the long term virality, the loop should be customer friendlier; in common, if your growth is higher or lower than the expected, it is the right method to spend more time on the changes to make the loop sustainable for a long time.


What is viral loop expansion?


As email, blogs and social media are popular among the users, customers play a different role in creating the viral loop; the virality is more than making a video spread across the social media. Once a soda maker creates a video to gain attention from customers through reposts, the company made a strategic plan for their viral marketing where they considered the video as one of the elements for their loop. This shows that the viral loop does not only rely on your content virality, it also has a systematic strategy behind it.


How to create viral expansion loop?


You may try different ways in creating the viral expansion loop, but your plan should be centered around the content you are sharing–the content focused on your product or service should create interest to the audience. The base of the viral loop starts when the user takes action on your content as their action may send notifications to others users which drive them to take part in it.


How the notifications can be done


Notifications are the main element of the viral marketing plan; it can be either the automated emails or social media notifications that influence the other users to access it, but organic notifications are the best method to gain audience trust as it allows the users to choose their friends to send the notifications. The conversion occurs when the user signs up or download your product, but it is decided by the quality of the content or user experience.


Examples of viral loop



According to, the quizzes are the great way to create a viral loop as it produces the unique results for different users–some of the personality quizzes gives user-centric results that may trigger other audiences to participate in it.


Buzzfeed quiz had rightly implemented the strategy by receiving 1.2 million likes from the users through influencing them to take part in the quizzes; the main ingredient of their success is they provide the information about the person’s unique personality which also triggers other users to take part in the quiz and share their results.


Mobile apps

As the viral loop starts by creating awareness and interest on one user and they recommend to others when they are aware of the information and interested in it. The loop is named as viral as it spread like the virus from one person to another which continuously reaches thousands of your targeted audience.


According to growth devil, the candy crush game has implemented the effective viral loop strategies which act when the player faces difficult situations in the game; it allows users to get help from friends for extra life or assistance to move forward to the next level. Even though when the user stopped playing the game, they will be encouraged to play again by the new players who are in need of help.


Candy crush also allows the players to invite their friends to start playing the game using an in-game invite screen which automatically obtains the user contacts. A viral loop is one of the inexpensive ways to promote your mobile app – it been best implemented by many companies; if you are not trying it, other companies may implement it to remain competitive in the global market.


How not to create a viral loop?


Circe – one of the new social networking app which created a controversy when it reaches the app store chart across the world; many developers and marketers doubt their achievement– finally, they came to know that the circle had tried a sneaky trick in UX which scaled them so quickly. It occurred when the user chooses to skip in the circle’s invite page, it will not actually perform the task instead it sends push notifications to all your Facebook friends to invite them to download the app. As it performs a trick which is not expected by the users, the customers were unhappy with the application.




A viral loop is a consecutive cycle which occurs when the user views the content and share with others, thereby, the cycle repeats by moving the content from one user to another by sharing and interacting with it.


• The two main characteristics of the successful viral loop are:
• A unique piece of engaging content which audiences can interact with it.
• Content with the right call to action that induces the audience to share it with others.


The viral loop occurs when the user engages with the content to receive the personalized results and then share with others on the social media–it may prompt other users to obtain their own result thus by repeating the same process to create the circulated viral loop.

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What are The News Hijacking PR techniques?

News hijacking is a practice of utilizing a news story for a personal benefit; it lies in giving an immediate response to any news that may not be related to your clients or customers. For example, an accurate response to the reporters about an industry’s announcement or research work on the right time will create an impact on the audiences.


Several news websites will highlight the comments in a unique color–any small or large business industry can take this opportunity to build the customer’s attention. Ensure the comment is given as soon as the news is announced–stick to the topic and be brief on your message–never comment about the topics that you may not sure about.

Some of the news hijacking PR techniques


Create Google alerts


Creating Google alerts can help you to get instant updates on the news that is related to your industry by choosing “as-it-happens” code. The alert sends a direct email to the person on the chosen topic; you can enter any topic that you want to get notifications and choose when you want to receive notification, your desired language, from which location you want notifications, count of results you want to receive and your account information. You can edit any of the alerts which you have created or remove the particular alert.


Give a counter response


News hijacking happens instantly when the news breaks–the spokesman or content marketer should offer the comments on the right time before others can take your chance. The comments should have the perfect call to action to reach your targeted customers. News hijacking should not be followed every time, ensure you use this PR tool at the right moment that can be favorable for your business.


Give short comment with high business value


The comments should be brief and relevant to the news story; think how the news can relate to your business before building the message. Short comments can reach audience faster and also bring new customers to your business.


Build relationships


Have a friendly relation with the PR agency or news outlet, so it will make them trust your opinions when breaking news befalls. It also assists in gaining new customer approvals and draws the relevant audiences towards your business.


Include targeted keywords


To obtain search engine visibility for your comments, ensure you include the relevant and targeted keywords at right instances to improve the search rankings. If you are using news hijacking PR tool to promote your brand, it is good to use the industrial relevant keywords that also match with the news story–generally, keywords increase the search rankings and help to find your business online.

How can news hijacking be done rightly?


The news hijacking needs a constructive planning for the perfect execution. The following step by step instructions can guide you in leveraging this excellent PR tool.


• Have an access to the spokesman or the journalist to plan their calendar and provide them the instant message when the news breaks.

• Cover the story with the suitable comment that can also enable the others who have covered the story earlier to follow yours.


• Find the real-time tools that find the audience interests to create the comment that reaches your customers.


• Verify whether the news story matches your business; find the level of percentage it relates your business profile.


• Discover the type of websites visited by your audiences and plan how to make the content shareable, interactive and engaging for the visitors.

• Create a unique cultural calendar which helps you to know the cultural events that are suitable for your brand.


• Before giving the comment, find in which way the event or news story are related to your brand.


How to frame a news hijacking strategy


Every work requires a well-defined strategy framed after a series of brainstorming stages; here are some of the unknown tips to start the right news hijacking process that can be beneficial for your business.

Keep yourself updated:


• Every day a new event or incident occurs in your targeted area that is expected to turn into a news story. To know all upcoming news stories, you should keep yourself updated with the news alerts available on the internet.


• A news story may be part of different categories, but your attention should be both in the industry focused news websites and websites related to your audience interests. If your audiences are interested in celebrity news, you can follow the celebrity news website and also follow the national news; before hijacking a news story, you should verify its authenticity in other news websites.


Hijack the news by knowing its extremity:


• You cannot hijack news story of a national disaster or death of a leader–this news will not play a role in your business promotion. For instance, you can take advantage of the announcements made by the major brands where they have disclosed the absence of particular feature which your business may own.


Know your competition:


• Many content marketers or business spokesman will be ready to find new ways in hijacking the story; you may compete with many people, so be instant with your comment, but stay relevant to the topic.


Have a connection with the news story:


• Trying to connect the news story with your brand will not bring expected benefits; Understanding audience interests will help you to cover the topic that your customer may follow. The comment should have some connection to the topic; trying to give a comment on a news story that is harder to convince the audience will not draw their attention.


Make your comments positive:

• More than the relevancy, news hijacking should be informative and positive for the audience especially if you’re commenting the national disaster or tragedy.


A business promoting tool:


• Creating brand visibility requires the sound SEO strategy that aims to make your business visible in search engine results page. News hijacking may also be an effective tool in creating customer engagement when it is used wisely.


Examples of failure news hijacking:


• When Hurricane Sandy news breaks, many clothing brands promoted their business, but hijacking a national disaster had not won many customers to them. Being intelligent in choosing the right news story can secure you from the potential pitfalls.


Unknown facts about news hijacking


• Today people are attentive to traditional online marketing strategies, many brands are taking control of the audience by experimenting different methods; one of the powerful tools, which had impacted the audience, is news hijacking–it is effective PR tool some of the related examples are guerilla PR and ambush advertising.

• News Hijacking enables the marketers to associate themselves with the event or the news story that is known by your audience; this method requires no standard payment or fees, no contracts unless you tied a partnership with the PR agency.

• This method may assist in expanding your business reach, but knowing its sensitivity will help in reaping outlasting benefits in news hijacking; it is important to avoid being ignored in the trail by following some creative methods which are rightly been implemented by the following industries who are spontaneous but planned to perfection.


Examples of successful news hijacking


Spirit Airlines


• Spirit Airlines chooses the email marketing strategy to draw its customers; the company has decided to make the subject lines based on the Congress riffs news story which was popular at that time. The headline seems to be irrelevant, but it touched the audience interests.


• Spirit has also tried its news hijacking talents in some of the famous events like Petraeus scandal, NFL replacement and more.




• The national football league tried their hands in promotions by blogging in media channels; once it hijacked the announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby with the blog post covering the royal names of NFL.


Save the children


• When sandy hook incident had affected the minds of parents, save the children–a nonprofit organization took the initiative to help the children of US and provide the valuable assistance for the incident along with a relevant blog post.

• Leveraging tragedy or negative stories to build positive impact among audience will help to create trust towards your brand; many brands had experienced failure in making in taking right decisions over the daily news – knowing the mistake of others will help in doing it right.

• The content marketers or the company’s spokesman should balance both time and relevancy of using their brand name in the daily news, trying to be unique by touching the sensitivity of the topic will gain the audience attention.

Advantages of news hijacking

Higher conversions


News hijacking process makes your brand to experience higher conversions rate. When compared with usual content created on a daily basis for organic search ranking, the news hijacking may help in obtaining more traffic than the others. The number of people searching for your services is not as the same number of people who are looking for the trending factors. But with news hijacking, you can draw all your targeted audience by combining both the trending news along with your brand’s call to action


Build reputation


Creating reputation among the audience is a tough job among the business people, but with news hijacking, you can make your company renown among your customers and you may find a chance to get interviewed by the media outlets. There is nothing more than being quoted by a reputed news media in front of your audience–many believe news hijacking may bring more productive results than the paid advertising campaign.


Social media engagement


One of the best advantage in news hijacking is it creates social media engagement because people follow you in social media when you leverage the trending news in the best way; it builds the conversations and reaches many audiences virally. If you are talking about the news which has affected their lives, they also want to talk about it.

It exhibits the importance of your business


News hijacking tells the audience why your business matters for them; everyone starts a business to benefit the customers in one way or the other, it doesn’t matter in which field you are serving people. You may serve people with finest products or services, but news hijacking shows your audience that you are not only for selling something, rather it shows that you are a part of the social well-being and you truly stand on your point.


Disadvantages of News Hijacking


It’s all about timing


News hijacking will actually work for a short time period; if you hijack a fresh news story, the audience may not be aware of it, so you may lose their attention and if you hijack the older news, they may be forgotten the news long back, so it may look irrelevant.


Do not sell


Failures in news hijacking are very common among the business people; the major mistake done by them is trying to sell their product or service. When trying to create a positive impact on the audience with this process, you may not give a link that redirects to a sales web page instead you can give the link of biography or blog which can convince the audience to choose your product or service.


Trying to sell something through news hijacking may fail in creating impressions among the customers. Sometimes the news hijacking may lose if your content looks offensive–an opinion should not turn as a criticism of the event, as it may create a bad reputation.



The news hijacking process is an old method followed by the public relation professionals, but now the industries have chosen the effective tool by taking the advantage of the news story by leveraging the strategies of content marketing. By avoiding the potential drawbacks, the news hijacking can be effectively implemented by the people; when someone disagrees with your point on the social media, comment back to create a positive impact. The disagreement in social media will create more attention among the audience, but you should be clear on your point.

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My Ultimate List of Web Development & Marketing Tools


“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

Morning!! It is a very good idea of summarizing all of my web development tools and other online resources to provide an entire one stop solution for mounting our business and especially for start-ups.

I realized most people have a hard time when trying to start their own online make money business journey, you don’t know how to start, what tools will you use to help you get started, how much time you will invest in this doubting business model, how do you make money? I hope my own experience and writing here could help you get started and understand the overall concept of the online marketing business.


Most important tip: always find proper tools or a good web developer to help you get the work done efficiently. In my past experience, almost anything your do, there is a proper tool to help you get the job done faster. If not, hire a good developer to help you get started. Don’t do anything by yourself, you will end up spending lots of time and still getting a bad design, bug code etc.


I. Initial Planning Scope:

Questions to ask yourself?

1. How much time you have?

Time plays an important role in success in anything, if you don’t have enough time to devote to it, it is hard to succeed!


2. Is your personality fit to this doubting business journey?

There will be up and time of your emotion on your struggling journey, your persistence and keep stamina high to prove you can do this.


3. Are you a business oriented minded person?

Business requires strong entrepreneurship mindset and skills, you should be confirmed that you have this quality of making things happen.


4. What is your expertise and how do you use it to make money online?

You will succeed if you do things you really enjoy and keep working hard on it, so knowing what is your passion and how will this passion help others will push your limit further.


5. Do your market research

You should know what you really going to do and understand your niche audience really well, those people that really need your content to solve their problems, improve their well-being, or save their time on life. They should be willing to pay for the services you provide, if your business is not there to make money at first, it is hard for you to survive.


6. Choose your business model on how to make money:

Most people make the big mistake here, they start up on free services of whatever they bring to the table, but without knowing how to monetize the service or content at first, so they would end up struggling to make money later on. Eventually, if a business is hard to make money, you will lose your passion and business will be dead.

So think about how to make money before even start an online business is a key to your success. Below are couple ways that business normally makes money online.

1) Membership Subscription: If you have great content, tools that people really want to pay for, then you can build front end pages to showcase it, and build a backend register login and payment system to make money out your registered users. You should find a web developer to develop a complete website for this business model.



2) Information product: You can sell information products to your niche audience, create an eye-catching graphics and persuasive writing script to boost your sale.



3) Selling Tool scripts: If you know some of the coding skill, you can develop your own tools to sell on your site.



4) Affiliate Marketing: You can sign up Amazon, for their affiliate links and promote their products on your site or social media channels.



5) Advertising Revenue: most influential bloggers with lots of traffic with this simple method to make stable income online, they apply the AD from Google Adsense network, embed the code in their pages, when users click on the ad link, they got paid a small portion of the advertising fee called PPC(pay per click). There are many advertising platforms online, you can find other advertising integration service too.



6) CPA – Cost Per Action (I personally love this monetizing method): You have to apply to the network, after approval, you can advertise their offers to your marketing channels. CPA means when user taking an action on your ad, you will get paid. Normally, this method paid more than PPC and doesn’t require sales too.


More Info:


7) Lead Generation: your website will be designed as a lead generation tool when user come to your site, they will see the information designed to tailor their mental desires, if they like to get further information, they have to fill out the information to get your follow up phone call consultation.


More Info:


8) Business Partnership: talk to your potential business partners about opportunities and referral to make money together.


9) Referral: Your online presence acting as a piece of trust resource to attract some customers that are willing to pay your do the services for them. Your focus is to satisfy their business need and ask for the referral at the end to grow your business.


10) Consultation: If people trust your expertise in this field, they will pay you to consult their business and help them grow. You have to show the proof data first.


11) Sell your business: This is my favorite method. If your build some useful tools that most businesses want to use, you have good amount of register users who already paying your service, your daily unique traffic is decent, many social media mentions, you can sell your business to the company who really need your services and tools to help them grow their revenue, you might end up at selling a good price with a decent profit.



II. Now let’s talk about the web development process


1) Choose a good Hosting

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts. It’s our job to, make the customer experience a little bit better”

Web hosting company is one of the very good ideas to take a footstep in any business.When we are about to choose a web hosting, there are many 5-star rated companies available in online. It is been a greater difficult to choose a better web hosting company.Finding a web host company which has user every day will be the best option.

I strongly recommend using motion hosting because of its WOW features:

• Rich Customer Service

• 14-Year CNET Certified

• A+ Rating

• With more than 27,000 customer compliments in 2016

• 30-day Money-back Guarantee

• 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

• 24/7 U.S. Based Support

• FREE Setup by Managed Hosting

• Get up to 47% OFF Dedicated Servers

Moreover a friendly support even you buy a server or not; doesn’t matter

Branding Domain Name Search Tool

In recent days, every business spends a lot of time on choosing an unforgettable name for their official websites. There are tons websites already available and distributed in all segments. An age of computer has been changed even a petite retail stores. They have their own websites along with the mobile app.

Here, you guys can find a superior domain search tool!! It’s a “Branding Domain Name Search Tool”. This tool helps to find the best domain name related to your industry with its price combinations. Also, it had an option to know which one is acquired and its information. This will helps to make a better decision instantly.


2) Content Development for Beginners

“WordPress! We don’t just sell websites, we create websites that SELL.”

Everybody thinks “Coding is required to build a website”, but all you want is WordPress. Even if you’re ZERO in coding, you can build a simple content management website. Most of the websites in the world are built on WordPress. Easy navigation, SEO friendly platform are the main reason to opt for WordPress. There are millions of hidden ideas and features which make WordPress big.

Website Speed! It’s a vital matter today. Even Google says that a website with good loading time gets a minor boost in the search engine rankings (SERP’s). When you’re going with WordPress; you never have to worry about the speed and responsive themes. WordPress has plugin through which we can optimize the speed and the network functionality.


3) Buy and Install a Fancy WordPress Themes, Include E-commerce one.

“Websites should look good from the inside and out”

Of course, anyone can find free WordPress themes through online in a single shot. But we have a little snag in this. All free themes will not be performing healthy in the search engine or customized of what you exactly demand. There is a theory called “Investment always gets you the ROI very soon”.

User can install a fresh, clean, spam free, secured and fancy WordPress themes which match the business needs here at

Optimize press is an alternate solution to build your own website in less than15 minutes. It is very powerful and easy to use for building any type of WordPress site.

Marketing Website Development

Below are the options for marketing website

• Create Sales Pages

• Converting Landing Pages

• Membership Portals

• Complete Launch Funnels

• Authority Blog Sites


4) For how to setup WordPress digital software download platform:

Affiliate plugin and HTTPS by, check here


Adding WordPress free SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) stands for standard security technology. This deals with the transaction between a web browser and web server. SSL certification is necessary to establish a safe connection between the server and browser.

WordPress Ecommerce plugins for tangible and digital download products:

WordPress e-commerce plugin plays a crucial role for a website. WordPress has different types of plugin, it depends on the requirement (what we need, what is required). For example, if you are selling a tangible product it requires inventory management. It can be established by install the Woo-commerce Plugin.


5) List of My Favorite WordPress Plugins

“WordPress Plugin! You should learn from your competitor but never copy. Copy and you die.”

W3 Total Cache:
User experience and Search engine optimization of your website can be increased by decreasing the features like CDN integrations which can be done by W3 Total Cache plugin.


Ad Inserter:
A plugin that makes us optimize the placements of the advertisement over the website. It is very simple by entering any ad or HTML/Javascript/PHP code and selecting the location where the ads should be posted.

It looks simple yet a powerful plugin to insert any ad or code into WordPress. Using this user can post all kind of ads including AdSense and Amazon. Insert anything anywhere on the page.


Better Click to Tweet:
“Tweet! You are what you share”

Append the twitter plugin to share your posts and pages. The user can get more exposure for their post on Twitter, which is the second largest social network having more number of users.


Buttons X-Lite:
With the help of the ‘Buttons X-Lite’, you can build any kind of CSS3 buttons from your WordPress dashboard. Those buttons are completely responsive without any coding efforts.


Google Analytics Dashboard for WP:
This plugin will insert the tracking code in all of your website pages. Automatically it starts monitoring the traffic, real-time statistics, acquisition channels and traffic sources. The analytics reports will be shown in the dashboard.


Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+:
Create social media share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus in one shot. This can be done by adding up a simple code.


Incoming Links: (This is a really useful one too)
Monitoring the backlinks is more important than building backlinks. This tool will assist keep on tracking the reports of the existing backlinks and monitoring the incoming links.
NextScripts facilitate to brand our business socially. It Shares blog posted on all our connected social networking websites. The one which I prefer tool is Social Networks Auto-Poster, It is a paid version. It permits users to auto post their articles to all the connected social profiles.


WP Viral Quiz: (I strongly recommend this one too)
Whatever we do on the website, finally we require engaging the users by representing the content in different formats. I strongly recommended this tool which creates awesome viral quizzes on your blogs, as buzz feed does with more features.

WPS Hide Login: (I strongly recommend this one too)
Security is the one we are always talking about. Finally, we should protect our data from data leakage or by hacks. WPS Hide login let you change the login URL name as you like. In other words, it protects your website by changing the login URL and preventing access to the wp-login.php page and wp-admin directory while not logged-in. Before a year my website was hacked and this tool helps to avoid further hacking.


Preventing usual attempts of login can be done by Loginizer. This plugin blocks the IP after it reaches maximum retries allowed. Also, sends an email to the administrator about the attempt.


Yoast SEO:
The exclusive solution for all our SEO activities in the website is Yoast SEO. It was actually called as WordPress SEO by Yoast. It helps in analyzing the website in a real time and other features which make the site even better for web spiders and to the users.


Post Views Counter:
Post view counter is a superlative replacement for WP-post views which displays, how many times a post is viewed in a reliable way.


Social Locker | BizPanda:
Biz panda is one of the greatest tools, I would like to suggest SocialLocker; it is used to build social backlinks. Social locker contains a set of social buttons and a lock. The lock gets opened when an article or post of yours will get shared throughout it.


Auto Affiliate Links:
This is a superior tool for adding affiliate links to the website. You can append the Affiliate links and the keywords in the plugin dashboard. The plugin will place the links automatically when it sees the literal keywords in the posts.

Contact Form 7:
Contact Form 7 plugin will facilitate to supervise all the contact forms on the website. Triggering mail content made easy with a simple markup.

Easy Digital Downloads:
It’s all about a complete solution for all your e-commerce desires. This is the easiest way to sell digital products with WordPress.

AffiliateWP provides affiliate marketing tools and its helps to make more money. It is an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin.

Cloudflare speeds up your WordPress site with protection. This is used for getting site URL as secure HTTS.

Cloudflare Offering CDN, DNS, DDoS protection with security. You have to get the site URL as SSL/HTTPS to protect your WordPress site. Even Google says that a website which is having SSL/HTTPS will get an inconsequential boost in the search engine rankings.

Keyword Difficulty Tool:
Be smart, competitive keywords are hard to rank, let’s find an easier one. Choosing the best marketing keywords is the key to success for any search engine optimization campaign.

You cannot rank single phrase or two phrase keywords very easily as you think. Keyword difficulty tool lets you find out the intricacy of a keyword which facilitates to choose superior easy keywords.


Slider Huge-IT is an awesome WordPress Slider Plugin with lots of good features. Easy to install and build slider in a few minutes.

Moving images be captured by thousands of people instantly than stable images. Nowadays most of the websites have moving slides in their banners.

Everyone in the world wants unique information. Search engine spiders are always looking for unique data to crawl and hoard in their data servers. Plagiarism is a tool which helps to indicate the replica content. Avoid plagiarism and duplicate content, keep Google happy. Also, detects the copies of your posts which are copied. An options page can also be obtainable in the Settings menu.

To Add AMP Mobile News Format will prop up to your WordPress site.Accelerated mobile pages plugin discovered to improve the user experience. It supports and increases the UX across all platforms.

What AMP Provides?

• Higher Performance and Engagement

• Flexibility and Results


OneSignal: – Free Web Push Notifications
OneSignal is a free web push notification plugin which pushes notification across all type of devices. One signal supports iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone, Unity 3D, Phone gap, and Marmalade.


6) Where to find your affordable graphic designers, web developers, content editors to get your works done?

“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.”

In Google, we can establish a Millions of web designers. For example, if we are searching for “Graphic Designers” means it will show up some details. Even though I am not sure that they are affordable. There are many highly rated graphic designers. You need to research more to know about them. Rather than spending time on analyzing each, try affordable Fiverr services at There you can find plenty of designers and developers for all your web needs.

Create an account for free in stock Unlimited ( to find high-quality vector graphics, clipart, icons, and photos. Which are more affordable than any other sources like Shutterstock, freevector etc.


7) Use complete automation tool like to help you speed up your work.
Most of the petite and mid-sized business people have heard about Zapier. It is an online tool which aid to computerize the tasks between the apps which speed up the work. Technical assets are not essential to automate the process. Zapier and IFTTT are the vital tools that users need to know which can automate between 2-3 web apps.

Both Zapier and IFTTT are Editors Choice winners and are well worth using.


8) Proofread- Text with the smart grammar software:

“Grammar is the grave of Letters”

Grammatical errors can make a quality user out of our website which increases the bounce rate. It also affects the SEO in major ways. A perfect keyword will be disvalued by a small grammatical error.
Get your grammatical issues solved instantly with Grammarly.


9) Google Analytic and Google Webmaster tools

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway.”

Website Owners eagerly want to analyze how many fellows are visiting their websites. Google Analytics is a gratis tool which helps to keep on tracking of your website visitors, page views, where they are landing on the website; bounce rate, user flow between the pages, referral, organic and social traffic, new visitors, and returning visitors. We can get more free features by installing a small code.

Google webmaster is a supportive tool which helps to analyze the missing factors in the website. With this tool, we can augment or reduce the crawl rate, Search queries generated, duplicate meta and title tags between the pages, 404 errors and other soft and hard errors, index status, search appearances (especially for e-commerce website – Make use of structured data, data highlighter, rich cards and HTML improvements)


10) Use email software to communicate with your audiences; make sure set up the WordPress plugin also.
Start your free, no-risk, 30-day trial!

Get responses affordable email marketing software to grow up your business. Create, send and track effective email campaign with easy steps. No coding knowledge is required. Start the 30 days trial with no risk.

All-in-one Online Marketing Platform to Grow Your Business:

• Email marketing

• Webinars

• Landing pages

• Marketing automation



III. Main Brainstorming ideas to market your newbie site?

For How to use Paid Advertising, please check here:


“Brainstorming is a nexus of ideas”

1. “Content is the king” keep writing good content that your users love to read and share it for a reason. Content is like the real estate that keeps giving you the quality search traffic and back links. A useful content will always be read and shared by thousands of users. There are plenty of content available in online for the same topic, but only a few rocks and stayed in many hearts. Research and write your own ideas which could be helpful in many ways. Do not make marketing content, just wait for the traffic. The aim can be marketing but the information should not sense like that.

Steps to follow:

• Take one of your service or product

• Research and find a best popular similar topic using Buzzsumo

• Write content on your own targeting the single long tail keyword

For EX: If you write an article about weight loss, then you will be falling in the big sea of weight loss articles. They are tons.

You need to be more specific in every writing. Weight loss using Garcinia Cambogia in 7 days will be a good specific niche.
Use a combo of Google Planner, Google instant search suggestions, Pinterest search suggestions, Keyword Difficulty tool and Google Trend to understand which the hot keyword with low competition rate is.


2. If you are selling products, you can use Ebay, Amazon, and Google Shopping to advertise your products. You can also use Clickfunnels to sell your products find a link here You can also join venture with other Webmasters that help you sell digital products. Few sites like or

You can boost your business by setting up a perfect sales funnel. Clickfunnels helps you to do that with the little tricky mechanism. You need to clearly understand what your customer’s needs and wants. There is a difference between needs and wants. For ex: I want a burger and also need fires and coke which makes the marketing funnel success to MC Donald’s.


3. Find out who are your niche audience, and then target those niche forums, engage with the audience there. For example, if you are writing about virtual reality content, then is a good easy forum to start the marketing.

Make the forums to work for you:

• Register with your real name and fill all the fields

• Give an Intro

• Do not be with the intention of marketing your product/service in the first shot

• Stay calm, Help others a lot; just for free, so that the senior members of the forum treat you as Gold.

• Increase your reputation by giving awesome replies

• Do at least 100 plus posts, I mean help at least 100 plus peoples or questions.

• Wait! And help again with 20% marketing in mind

• Sooner the forum members will refer you when someone asked related to the service you’re providing

All these can be done in a high moderated forum to get business. Search “any niche + forum” in search engine to find the best top rated forums


4. Use content advertising platform for reaching millions of audience at an affordable price. Make your content published on CNN, people, ESPN and other thousands of news portals to get maximum exposure.


5. is one of the greatest social bookmarking sites in the world, because of its high moderation system. Reddit has a number of users which make the information gets posted in the targeted category. Reddit also acts as a discussion sharing platform where users ask or share their opinion and the users of Reddit responding to that.

How to promote your business on Reddit?

1. Register and verify the email

2. Give valuable comment on other posts related to your industry

3. Get increased of your karma score

4. Buy the affordable Reddit Gold membership

5. Post as text links in the right Subreddit, read the rules of Subreddit you’re trying to post.

6. Create a discussion, create exposure.

6. Use, it is good for SEO marketing content.
As I said earlier forums are the great way to explore any business. Digital point is one of the best SEO or internet marketing where you can promote and engage if the business is something relevant to web industry.


7. Learn how to do Growth Hack Marketing.



Creating a widget, extension, Add-on, and plugins that can have massive exposure rate.

The topics of growth hacking spark many valuable discussions, content, comments in the last 4 years. The term growth hacker is discovered on 2010 by Sean Ellis. The companies like Facebook, Dropbox with many others used this technique to grow more and more.


8. Hire social media marketer will help you posting engage content in your social media account and raise the fan volume. You can spend some money on the social media advertising too. Not just sharing content alone and also it will create social brand awareness. You have to prepare a strategy plan before posting to it.

Before posting everyone should remember that social media websites were discovered to entertain the people, not to the business. But nowadays many businesses attracted to the Social Medias.

For example, Facebook marketing

• Collect all the related data before posting into any social media

• Post on the right time, every 8 hours

• 20% of your posts can be a marketing content

• All others should be engaging posts, fun facts, quiz, videos, blogs, Gif, Question and answers, inspirational quotes or anything which makes the user stay In-between do the marketing actions.

• 360 video is the new marketing media on Facebook, you can buy a 360 video camera, create a 360 video of your business, then use the video to advertise using the Facebook AD, we have tried it, it is powerful and effective to attract the eyeballs and likes.


9. Creating content as video format, and upload to YouTube. Still, no other video sharing portals beat the YouTube because of its subscribers. Moving images or otherwise called as videos will get more exposure than a banner. Explainer videos of a business can be easily understandable within some minutes than reading it’s about us page.

We need to cover all type of audiences; I mean representing the content in different formats to make the customers comfortable in understanding our business.


10. Doing quality press release to boost your online visibility and backlinks to your sites. Local news or local announcement can be released via press to get more exposure. Person to person marketing cannot work all the time when you’re launching a product or inventing a service. There are many press release websites that anyone can find online. Choosing the right PR websites is purely depends on your target. If you planned to release it locally then go for location based press release sites. For a brand, promotions go with all kind of press release submissions (Globally and locally).


11. creates content to engage with your audience. LinkedIn acquired slide share because of the professionalism hid inside the slide share. LinkedIn is of the best high domain authority documents sharing the website where anyone can register for free and upload their document.

Features of Slide Share

• Global rank is 144

• In India slide share ranked in 72nd position

• The majority of the traffic comes from the United States, Mexico, and India.

• Domain authority is 95.01

• Featured slide share gets tons of views

• Accepts presentation, document, Video, and PDF.

• Males and females are almost equal


Steps for better Slideshare marketing:

1) Find relevant hot topic related to your niche

2) Use Buzzsumo, Google instant search, Buffer, Reddit and Feedly for finding the trending topics.

3) Content which helps others will be seen by many people, So prepare content to help others in terms of valuable information.

4) For example: If your niche is “Weight loss” then creating at least 10 presentations and uploading in the SlideShare will give you better results.

Tips for weight loss in 7 days

How to lose weight in 2 weeks at home without exercise

How to lose weight naturally using home remedies

Popular Weight Loss Pills and Supplements Reviewed

Amazon best weight loss products

Tips to increase metabolism and burn fat

5) Posting in the SlideShare alone doesn’t give you enough traffic

6) Just show to the outside world

7) Share the presentation in your social media accounts and related social groups

8) Get more followers on Slideshare, brand yourself.

9) Add a Pulse in your LinkedIn about the SlideShare

10) Mention the post in your website, Use it for outbound links for the related keywords.


12) Research your potential related businesses in the same industry and call them to discuss some possible opportunities. If you’re in marketing then you must know about B2B marketing. In recent eras, many companies are looking for an acquisition. Partnering with a company gets more benefits then struggling as single.

If you’re a start-up then call the mid-sized companies who are looking for best hire! Speak with them; share your thoughts and expertise. Grow together.


13) Online advertising became a confusing sector for the new bees. Even an expertise gets failed by advertising the right thing on the wrong place. If you want to see which ads work? We show you what works, so your ads will succeed every time!


14) How to get quality high ranking backlinks?

If you post links on most social media platforms, you don’t earn the link, you just share a link, Google ranking won’t look at the links as the authority link, so it doesn’t help you gain a higher ranking in the search results.

So, you have to get the quality backlinks from the quality high ranking sites. If you write a quality article that worth mentioning by, then it is considered a good backlink since it is linking to the quality site.


Guest post idea:

You can write a quality article and submit it to the below sites, wait for their time on moderation and approval. Or you can find a professional Guest post writer who has the writing privilege to some authority sites, ask him or her to write for you and publish the article, you will find it dramatically improve the acceptance rate.

You can find some of the guest posting services here:
You should submit your idea pitch from an email to Make sure with proper title, ideas scripting and no attachment.
Submit here:
Submit here:
Submit here:
Submit here:
Submit here:
Submit here:
Submit here:
Submit here:
Submit here:



IV. If you want to succeed in anything, feeding your brain with good information is so critical!

My personal suggested books to read, I have read it and it is pretty good.


Any questions, you can drop me a message here:


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How Viral Loop Marketing Strategies Work?

Introduction to Viral Loop Marketing

Viral loop marketing is otherwise known as viral advertising which is used to endorse a company or a product; the term viral means spreading a message rapidly across the internet. A viral loop is created to make a product reachable across millions of internet visitors within a short span of time; the greatest advantage of the viral loop is they grow exponentially when the customer shares the information with many other users on the internet.

Secret of viral loop marketing

Viral marketing is one of the efficient methods to spread the product across the world; it uses the customers as the marketing agents within the social networking channels to reach the people of different genres. Being the cheapest marketing technique, startups use viral marketing to reach a wide customer base with no big efforts involved; with the power of viral loop, the businesses can sell merely anything to customers.

How does viral marketing works

Viral marketing is a business strategy that works by providing incentives to customers – the customer profit acts as a reason why people share the message to others; the incentive can be free product or service, rewards, gift coupons and more. Beyond incentives, a viral campaign should contain a good content that induces the audience to share with groups – the content can be videos, blog posts, games, images and other related posts that provide value to the customers.

The Science behind the viral loop

The success of viral marketing is defined by the mathematical formula, which evaluates the performance before the loop is being implemented, the formula is as follows


Each variable present in the formula holds a unique characteristic in viral marketing – the VC stands for viral coefficient, N stands for the average number of customers invited by the active users, P1 denotes the invited users who tend to became the active user of the product, P2 will be the active users who are interested in referring the another user. The formula can be leveraged by multiplying the applied values of N, P1, and P2 to find the growth of the viral loop; for instance, if VC is greater than 1, the growth of viral loop is expected to increase rapidly across every area.

Introduction to Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is the process of experimenting different marketing channels to identify the lucrative platform that obtains business; this process indirectly improves the business performance by improving the product sales. Growth hacking follows both conventional and non-conventional methods to enhance the businesses – the growth hackers are the marketing agents, engineers who are involved in the process of building the customer base.

Growth hacking with SEO

• Growth hacking takes the advantage of traditional marketing by implementing the social media advertising; it follows various types of techniques through which the marketing can be done, it includes Rapid testing persuasive copy and e-mail marketing.
• These techniques trigger towards the new users with attractive offers that improve the product sign up rate; it is imposed combing viral loop with SEO strategies – the backlinks is an SEO technique that assists in placing the website in the top position of search engine ranking page.
• Growth hacking also involves in on-line community management or social outreach programs by which the visitor’s count can be increased; it also acts as the online marketing ecosystem that imposes search engine optimization, website based analytics, and content marketing.

What is Double Viral Loop Business model?

Double viral looping model converts the customer into a business representative who can act as the part of the company in spreading the content as well as becomes the consumer of the product or service. YouTube is one of the best examples of the double viral loop which displays the different categories of posted videos by facilitating the user to browse or upload their newly created videos online.
Through viral marketing, YouTube creates new customers by empowering them to make a profit through video sharing, publishing, advertising, and subscribing option which increases the visitors to the customer page. The double viral loop gets processed when the customer gets benefits from the post, which makes the visitor share or refer to other visitors by increasing the number of visitors to the website – if the website holds more persuasive content, the time spent by the every user may gradually increase.

Strategies in Viral Loop Marketing

Pay more to get paid more:

Pay more to get paid more strategy offers certain rewards to the referrer when the login information and account has been verified from the visitor’s side; for an instance, the travel application called Go Ibibio offers referral bonus that cannot be used for a single ride. Through this application the customer gets benefits from a free ride, the business also gets expanded with the introduction of new customers.

Harness the benefit of social media

Social network platform like Facebook makes the user to get engaged through chats, comments, posting personal views on any product, people or service – candy crush is one of the successful gaming applications to benefited through social media. It assists in crossing all challenging levels through getting guidance from the other users in social media as well as expands the app users by referring new friends to the game.

Introducing Personal Offers

Personal offers or bonus is the initial phase of viral marketing technique; this strategy works by offering signup bonus for every new user – the initial bonus improves the product sales by adding new customers in every signup. It works by gaining customer attention through displaying the list of customers who have purchased the product at the lowest price – the seasonal offers, personal offers and displaying featured products similar to their interested products also improves the selling benefits.

Build social responsibilities

The business consumers will find a value in their purchase by introducing social development programs or aiding charity groups, this makes your business more meaningful by making the customers a socially responsible person. This method has been successfully implemented by Amway, which donates a penny to charity during every product purchase; contributing to social welfare will get customers attention towards the business, in turn, increases your sales.

MEME benefits

In the transforming social digital world, the viral marketer should identify the right strategy to perform the effective marketing; one of the most interesting options is MEMES that are designed to match the business content. MEMES have a faster impact towards the customers than any other content; the infographics with animations, interviews, and videos of a product will also play an important role in influencing the audience.

Find a suitable platform

Identifying the suitable platform that takes your business product or service to millions of customers is important to the success of viral marketing, one such productive platform is social media – the successful social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will offer a huge response to your videos, graphics, and MEMES within a short span of time.

Tupperware Scheme

In the early stages, when there are no social media tools like Facebook or Twitter, Tupperware – A food grade plastic manufacturer improved their business by organizing a huge women network where they sell the product to their friends or neighbors by accessing the products in their daily lives. Thus Tupperware improved the product sales through women network by making them as marketing agents of their products – this method had brought more sales to the company without selling their products to retail shops.

How do quizzes help to attain success in viral loop marketing?

Introducing Quizzes in viral marketing:

Quizzes are primarily used for creating viral loops, as conducting quizzes creates unique results which users share across the social media; it also triggers new customers who are likely to take the survey to share their results. The BuzzFeed is one the famous Quiz pages on Facebook, which have crossed over 1.2 million likes for the quizzes with a slight magic; it becomes possible through the information they provide about a person that induces people to share among with their friends on social media.

Harness the pop culture

The content that references to pop culture have greater chance to induce the audience – according to the study conducted by fractal – the words like character, movie, song, and famous are commonly used in the titles of many popular quizzes on PlayBuzz. The quizzes with a small set of data related to pop culture have gained more than 100,000 shares in the social media; the quizzes that are connected to character or personality are the next popular type of quizzes that draws audience interest.

Frame an easily shareable content

The basic element of the viral loop is sharing the content on the internet, without sharing the loop does not exist; all the applications or quizzes should have buttons, tools or embed content to enable sharing on the social networks. The embed code enables quick sharing of content on the social media, also assists in spreading the content around the internet – several elements in the content improve the probability of spreading a viral loop when it is implemented correctly.

Types of quizzes that attracts the visitors:

• Personality quizzes: People like the content that is produced based on their personality; in a study conducting by PlayBuzz – one of the famous quiz platforms has found that 77 percent of all PlayBuzz quizzes that are shared many times are personality quizzes.
• Character oriented quizzes: The personality quizzes related to one’s character is most popular among the users as it represents their type of personality they have; users also prefer their characters to be connected to the fictional characters.
• Self–interest oriented quizzes: People love personality results that are connected to their self-interest; they like the results that refer to them in a positive manner – it also influence them to share the results to their friends on social media.
• Anticipating quizzes: People love to discover something that they have not expected – by creating content that induces curiosity in users through offering potential results will benefit the businesses; this creates interests when the users find their friends results on the internet, so they compare with them to know it is similar, different or better.
• Create Interactive Apps: The Interactive application can create viral loops as it produces unique, personalized results to the users; these applications are directly connected to social media to share their results by inducing other users to get their own results.
• Find audience interests: As users leverage interactive quizzes or applications that are connected to their personal characters, understanding the customers beforehand can help to get audience attention. For instance, the interactive poll that tracks the prime NFL free agents conduct quizzes related to football and sports brands.
• Create interactivity after results: By placing buttons on the content is not just enough for social sharing as the viral loop needs targeted call to action that makes users share their results with their friends to get comments on their page.
• Use shareable images: An another method to initiate the users to share is by posting engaging images within the content or results page; results that speak audience interests with attractive images are more likely to gain customer attention to make them share on the social media.

Viral Looping Real time Examples:

One Plus

One plus is the popular smartphone manufacturing companies implemented viral marketing in their early stages to reach the worldwide customers; when other companies struggle to establish their trust between customers, one plus get customer attention by launching their first mobile – one plus one by following the strategies of viral marketing. The company attained success through quality and system configuration of the product; they made it by introducing the privilege system that makes the phone buyers or visitors obtain an invite code which is used during the purchase of the phone.
One plus invitation has obtained millions of new visitors to their website; every individual who makes the purchase will receive the two invite code that can be shared among with their friends. The code that is received by the user will get expired in three days thus the one plus team can able to achieve the sales target in constraint timing.
The company also gets visitor attention with its forum where the users can register to clarify their queries about mobiles – the forum discusses the pros and cons of their mobiles to provide the right solution. With the forum, the one plus makes the customer as the tester of their product by identifying user problems in accessing their product to prioritize the fixes in molding the product better – today, one plus has grown as one of the leading mobile providers around the world.


One of the widely used online e-commerce store Amazon has harnessed the viral marketing to improve visitors to the website by publishing ads on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook to reach their customers across the world. To ensure they reach an authorized customer, they introduced invite system where the person can refer their friend to log on the Amazon website; to attract the referrers the Amazon offered a referral bonus to invite the friend to buy a product.
Through referral bonus, Amazon have increased the authorized account holder – later, to retain the customers, Amazon obtains customer feedbacks on the purchased products; it also sends periodic e-letters that notify the customers about their new products. To provide the best user experience, Amazon has launched the mobile application which is used to obtain consumer data to offer discounts by in turn improving their sales, thus Amazon not only creates visitors, it actually enhanced its sales with the right viral marketing strategy.


PAYTM is one of an achiever of double viral marketing strategy; in the beginning, it is only used for mobile recharge, now PAYTM is being used as money valet to store and pay for every online purchase. They made it possible by offering bonus amount to every new user and the referrer – today, the company has introduced retail option integrated to their valet to make the users view, purchase different the products of wide partnership vendors.
In every PAYTM recharge, it attracts the customers with discounts or offers of various retailers; it also benefits the users through money transfer from one PAYTM account to another by making money handling an easier option. During the transaction, the PAYTM obtain the valid scan code or customer number, this mode of payment is accessed by many retailers during every customer purchase – thus PAYTM has made both money transfer and payment easier for users.

Final Conclusion

All the companies around the world are interested in enhancing their customers – to make it possible, viral marketing technique is used – the technique is used to spread the business content to all online users through social media. With the secret of viral marketing, even MEMES are shared virally on the internet – the best benefit of viral marketing is it makes the customer itself as a marketing agent by enabling them to perform most of the tasks for businesses. It happens when the real user of the product recommends to the others if it impresses the customer through its performance.

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Will Humans Worship Big Data in Future?

What is the Big Data Technology?

Big data is a term used for data sets that are so massively large or advanced that it cannot be dealt with ancient data processing applications. It generates value from very large data sets that cannot be analyzed with traditional computing techniques. The quantity of computer data generated on planet earth is growing exponentially for several reasons. The challenges include capture, storage, analysis, data curation, search, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and privacy of information. The term Big data is often the reference of the use of prophetical analytics, user behavior analytics, and certain other data analytic methods that extract value from data.
Analysis of Big data sets can be used to find a new correlation to business trends, forestall diseases, tracing combat crime and so on. Relational database management systems and statistics of desktop and visualization packages frequently face difficulties in handling Big data. So what is required now? “Large parallel software running on tens, hundreds, or even thousands of servers.” Big data varies and changes depending on the capabilities of the users and their tools. Therefore, it is these expanding capabilities which make Big data a moving target. For a start, retailers are building vast databases of recorded customer activity. Organizations operating in supplying, financial services, healthcare and many other alternative sectors are also capturing more data, and public social media is creating vast quantities of digital material.
As computer vision recognition improves, it is additionally starting to become attainable for computers to extract meaningful information from still pictures and videos. As a lot of sensible objects go online, Big data is also being generated by the expanding internet of things, and finally, several areas of scientific advancements are initiating to generate and rely on the huge amount of data that were until recently virtually unthinkable. “For some organizations, facing hundreds of gigabytes of data for the first time may trigger a need to reconsider data management options whereas, for others, tens or hundreds of terabytes may be taken before data size becomes a significant matter.”

Big Data Characteristics

Big data is often characterized using the five V’s of volume, velocity, variety, variability and veracity.


Here, volume poses both the greatest challenge and the maximum opportunity as Big data has the capability to help many organizations to understand people better and to allocate resources more efficiently. However, traditional computing solutions like relational databases are not scalable to handle data of this magnitude.


Big data velocity also raises the number of issues with the rate at which data is flowing into many organizations, now going beyond the capacity of their IT systems. Also, users increasingly demand data which is streamed to them in real time and delivering this can prove quite a challenge.


The data types to be processed is becoming increasingly diverse. The days are gone when data centers only had to deal with documents, monetary or financial transactions, records of stock and personnel files. These days photographs, audio, video, 3D models, complex simulations and location data are being piled into many a corporate data silo. There are many such big data sources which are unstructured and thus, they are not easy to categorize and let the unit process with traditional computing techniques.


The processes to handle and manage Big data can be hampered by the lack of continuity and inconsistency of the data sets.


It is possible and probable that the quality of captured data may vary greatly which would affect the accurate analysis.

Big Data reveals all human society secrets

Is it possible that by analyzing Big data, one can explore human-interest dynamics? The world wants to see if it’s possible to identify patterns and structures in what motivates people to show interest in certain things and the reasons behind losing their interests.
Today, Big data creates a platform for understanding, analyzing and exploring the dynamics of why people often change their minds about certain things. Learning and being knowledgeable of what attracts and holds peoples’ attention is a key to better understanding and predicting human behavior, revealing their secrets. It provides information that can be worth to business science and economics, social sciences, health care and even national defense. These data sets are so giant that they cannot give researchers a credible and probable indication of about what percentage of peoples’ decision-making follows a particular pattern, or whether it is mostly random and unpredictable. In this way, Big data reveals all secrets of the human society by examining and analyzing how millions of people make decisions online or on smartphones about making use of the services of the companies. Correspondingly, researchers expect to understand how a broad variety of factors attracts or fails to attract an individual’s interest.

Big Data dismantles human social hierarchy power

The way how individuals and groups are arranged in a relatively straight ladder is termed as the Social Hierarchy. It is evident in many species of animals that they are socially higher than the rest; human beings are the most complex of them. Big data seems to have dismantled this social hierarchy by transferring the power from government to the super intelligent AI system.

2% People will control the world who are behind Big Data and AI

As per the dictionary, Artificial Intelligence is the capability of the machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. In General, it is the branch of science concerned with developing computing systems which behave like human’s brain.
The world has a population of 7 billion people, not more than about two percent of the population understands or has the knowledge of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Yes, only two in a hundred, at an approximate it comes to 140 million. They can analyze large data sets and deal with them using advanced computing techniques. They have the knowledge of using Big data regarding capture, storage, analysis, data curation, search, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and privacy of information. These people perceive that Big data often refers to the use of prophetical analytics, user behavior analytics, and certain other data analytic methods that extract value from data. These 140 million can apprehend and analyze Big data sets which can be used to find the new correlation to business trends, forestall diseases, tracing combat crime and so on. Yes, they have the capability of controlling the entire world.

How Big Data and deep learning helps to develop advanced technologies that can help in the medical field?

One of the biologists and genetics entrepreneurs, Linda Avey believes that sensors and test make it possible to collect data about our bodies that has until now been undiscovered. This has now been paired with advances in computer technology that allow us to store and process large amounts of data which will have a transformative effect on healthcare. Big data has the potential to conquer human diseases and help individuals live longer. It’s in the process of developing advanced technologies such as body organ rebirth, synthetic skin, cancer pills, nano-robotics and so on.
Scientists are using all the Big data collected on the patients to improve our health. The information this data provides is improving scientists’ understanding of the genetic basis of many human diseases. And large-scale projects such as the Genomes Project are beginning to provide some families a diagnosis for their children’s mystery conditions. In the United Kingdom, too many cancers are diagnosed or caught at a late stage when the disease is often advanced, complex and untreatable. Otherwise, if those patients have been to their GP having symptoms that have not been picked up, therefore that information can be used to diagnose other patients before. The story is similar to that of the cardiovascular disease which is regarded as the world’s major killers and on the other hand, it’s ovarian cancer that’s very fatally difficult to detect. Data and computers can be used to look at all the symptoms and identify markers of these diseases. Now we’re ready with an improved set of opportunities and ideas to make advances across the whole of health and biomedicine.

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Internet Privacy Security Concern Is The New Social Epidemics

“Once You’ve Lost Your Privacy, You realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.”

Privacy is a fundamental right, indispensable to a democratic society. We all have something to conceal from someone either an employer, colleagues, friends, a family or stepfamily.

Why does an Internet Privacy Matters & Why you should mind?

“Privacy is Dead AND Social Media Hold the Smoking Gun”

There are a lot of people on social media. 2.8 Billion Active social media users worldwide as of Jan 2017. 1.9 Billion Users are using Facebook per month. YouTube has 1 Billion users. Instagram serves 600 million users. Twitter has 317 million users. Pinterest holds 317 million.

What if we look back in previous years, in 2010 we exploit a Google Plus, and later part of 2006 we use a twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn.

In the year of 2003, we have used an instant message, internet browser, Emails, Personal computer, Telephone, Telegraph, Telegrams, Post Letters and wall writing. Writing on the wall began as early as 10,000 bc with the caveman.

We like to unite peoples which make millions of users. An average user generates ninety pieces of content per month. Peoples are much into tweets; these tweets will express the emotions. The tweet remit on 2010 is 25 billion. 52% of the login users revise their status day by day. YouTube will resemble prospect of 2 billion views per day. In YouTube videos are uploaded 24/7.

A mediocre person spends 15 minutes per day in surfing. We like to know details about LinkedIn. It is the world’s largest professional network used by 69 of fortune companies and it has more than 12 million visitors per day.

“Social media has infected the world with a sickening virus called vanity.”

Almost every people around the word use social media. It is necessary to know how to use these tools safely. 25% households via Facebook don’t use the privacy controls hence they are not aware option. 92% are concerned about abuse of personal information when online. 40% of social network accounts have their original date of birth.

Are you aware of the risks of using social media sites? Do you know the privacy policies?

Facebook privacy policy

Facebook can sell your information to third parties. Can you think of any marketing company that would pass on such valuable information?
Only half of Government agencies have restructured their privacy policies to secure the personal information.

So what can you do?

Never post any sensitive information. Understand privacy policies and terms. Information posted on the internet is enduring. Bear out your contacts. Limit your exposure. Be wary of 3rd party applications. Don’t mix business with pleasure. Be safe.

What does Internet Privacy and Security imply?

“Publication Is a Self-Invasion Of privacy”

It defines that privacy and security of someone to prohibit information about them from civic via the internet. It is the broad thing that refers to vary factor, technique and technologies exploit that can defend sensitive information of personal data, communications, and preferences.
Internet privacy is also acknowledged as online privacy.

Internet privacy is the origin for concern to one who purchases in online, Visits social networking website, contribute in online games or be present at forums.

Jeopardy of Internet privacy includes

“Our Democracy Has Been Hacked”

Spyware: It is an offline application that acquires data devoid of a user’s permission. Previously acquired data is sent to spyware source when the CPU is online.
Malware: Used for illicitly harm online and offline computer users throughout Trojans, bugs, and spyware.

Phishing: “Hacking” it is the major thing that happening in all over the world. This will filch users personal data, Credit card number, bank account number, username, and password of the users and security PIN.

Pharming: Hacking will do a redirect trade on website visitor to a divergent IP address.

The future Hack Free Quantum Communication Technology to Rescue

Quantum mechanics guarantee harmless communication

Quantum communication is a pitch of applied quantum physics connected to teleportation and processing information of quantum. The most attractive thing is information travels through channels besides eavesdropping by the way of quantum cryptography.

Quantum cryptography urbanized a new application name as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

Quantum Key Distribution portrays the use of quantum automatic effects to perform tasks of cryptographic or to smash cryptographic systems.

Narrating Quantum Key Distribution

Two parties are there, one is Alice and the second one is Bob. By use single photons that are arbitrarily polarized to states demonstrating ones and zeroes to broadcast a series of random number sequences. These sequences are used as keys in cryptographic communications.

Stations are correlated together with a quantum channel along with a classical channel.

Alice engenders a random stream of qubits. These qubits are sent over in the channel of quantum. The Classical operation has been performed by the classical channel, its function of the stream Bob and Alice. This for checking the eavesdropper has been tried to pull out information on the qubits stream.

The presence of an eavesdropper is exposed by the defective correlation between the two lists of bits obtained after the broadcast of qubits between the emitter and the receiver.

Randomness is vital for virtually all proper encryption proposals. It is graceful to be generated by means of quantum optics.

Things That Secure the Presence in Web

People are under the heaven eye watch, the whole thing is on the cloud.

There are many basic kinds of security that are necessary for web browsing. The computer can have antivirus and malware detectors which can aware you in suspicious situations. All the data on the web that you access are cloud where junks of data’s are located. Hacker can access the cloud space and get back the data they want.

If we think that we want to safeguard the data, we necessitate some additional security to keep your online presence safer.

How not to be watched? like cover the phone camera lens, internet privacy VPN, block the location, stop sensitive messaging, no cloud backup, less WIFi connection, use a more secure pin, use privacy tracking Apps. (Living under water to stay protected)?

Supervision of Password

A password manager is a kind of utility that can supervise your online account effectively. These tools assist in creating a unique and burly password. Forms and browser specific login will provide a higher security. This can also assist the user with alerts on login with multiple users.

It has an extra option of Double login facility. There are many applications which will create a generic code to the registered mobile number or gateway. With these additional login codes that are generated on time will be good option to secure the accounts and the personal information.

Browser We Access

There are many browsers through which the user can surf the data. It is highly recommended to use the safe option. Recent development in most of the leading browser will have ignorance browsing or sandbox access.

With this kind of option, all the data that are accessed by the user will be removed at the instant the browser is closed.

Stick With Basics

The user should not be surfing in according to the topic or add that are posted. Usually, these ads will be acting as the patch file. This may lead to the data leakages.

Browsing through the person device will be a better option, rather than using a public system, in public systems, there can be trogons or virus code that runs in the background.

Using authenticated information in public system can be reduced. This in reduces the cause of misuse of confidential information.

Self-Destructive Messages

Concept behind Self-Destruction

From machine language to now all the data that are stored in the computer will be in the form of 0 and 1. Even though the data are said to be encrypted the ultimate result will be in the form of 0 and 1. Quantum mechanics is introduced as a new change over. Quantum mechanics will be having the basic of creation or destruction of data at the same time.

In simple terms “A” is an alphabet; it can be stored as 0 as well as 1. This will be changing from time to time. This will be the basic for self-destructive messages.

Private Message

There are many applications use to principle to protect the data. Major applications focus on the deletion of Photos and videos that are shared. Regarding text message, it’s very to estimate the time to delete the text message.

Ignorance Path

There are many applications that give you secured and encrypted path through which the data are transmitted and received without being hacked. Text message related security is enhanced by the timer application. The sender or the owner can set the time. With the given interval of time, the user can see the data. After the timer ends, a text message will be erased automatically.

Many applications provide the private chat option or ignorance space through which the data will be deleted after the chat has ended. They even provide you with copy protection and screen short protection.

Mail Destruction

The popular application protects email and their attachment. They provide the value add Dignify. This will be performing for the email protection and secure the attachment. There will be a given time span in which the user can access the attachment. The user will also be notified with the receiver viewing the attachment.

The extent to which Internet privacy should be protected and the methods employed to do so is currently under debate. While most agree that something has to change with regard to the personal information online, the solution is unclear.

Winding Up

Internet privacy edict may defend citizens, but they intimidate businesses, one of the cornerstones of the Internet. The Social media with alike online communication technologies permit information contribution and collaboration that would be unprecedented just a few decades ago.

“We trade our privacy for services.” Whether or not this is a fair contract is up for debate.
The heart of the issue is that all the Internet users who engage in this swap day by day are unaware of what they are really reaching themselves into.

The Politicians, lobbyists can dispute over Internet privacy until they are blue in the face, and not come to any sort of conclusion.

The only way in which we, as a connected society, will be able to shape the changing scene of the Internet positively is if people are aware of what Internet privacy really means today.

“You belong on the internet of things because you’re a tool”

We hope this was helpful! Thanks:)

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