How to rank keywords position & how to build backlinks complete strategy



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check keyword ranking difficulty tool

1) Make sure your page contain your targeted keywords on URL, Title, H1 and KO. When Google find your page, it looks for content exact relevancy first.


URL: Your page link should not be messy which showing the symbols that Google spider don’t understand make it harder to index and rank your page result. Therefore, your should put keywords in your page link, this is the top priority when come to content relevancy.

Title: Same rule as above, this is the second priority for Google to look for, You should also contain keywords in your title.

H1: Same rule as above, this is the third priority for Google to look for, You should also contain keywords in your page header.

KO: How many times your targeted keywords showing on your page, you should not stuff too many keywords in your article, that is not a good practice for user readability. But however you can put emphasize your keywords at the beginning part of your articles to get search engines noticed of what your content about.

Desc: This is your page description, Google showing the description result to encourage user click-through rate, but it does not relate to content relevancy when Google find your page.

WC: How many words in your single page, this is nothing to do with your page relevancy when Google find your content, but the more content the better for user experience, the reality is that people like to read rich informative article.

2) More quality traffic, quality relevant backlinks will help increasing Alexa ranking and Google PageRank score to rank better on Google.

Use this tool to find out more about your site ranking stats?


ALX: Global Alexa Rank, showing that your site global ranking position with traffic, the more traffic and unique visitors your have, the better global ranking & Google ranking your will achieve.

PR: Same rule as above, the more quality relevant backlinks you have acquired, the more Google PageRank score(1-10) & Google ranking your will achieve.

GI: Show you how many of your site pages have been indexed by Google, this one has nothing to do with your keywords ranking, but greatly increase your change of content exposure online.

DMZ: It is an online business directory, it has nothing to do with keywords ranking, but it is nice to have your site index in this directory.

DA: If your site domain is old, like 10 years old, the chance increase that you might rank better than same quality keywords from your competitors.

3) Same rules like above, find better quality relevant backlinks to your site will increase your Domain & Page authority to rank better than your competitors on Google.

The ranking rules was created by, a well know SEO company, you can find more information here:

what is your domain authority score

PA: Page authority – A 100-point score representing the likelihood of a page to rank well in search engine results

DA: Domain Authority – A 100-point score representing the likelihood of a domain to rank well in search engine results

LI: link – The total number of links both internal and external to your page.

ELI: External Equity Links – The total numbers of your quality relevant backlinks pointing to your page URL. Backlinks are the most important factor when trying to rank better than your competitors on Google. If you visit other sites online, and you find your page Url in there which pointing to your site, that is simply called Backlinks.

R-URL: MozRank: URL – The MozRank is 10-point score metric, a Same rule as above.

R-DOM: MozRank: Subdomain – It is 10-point score metric, a Same rule as above.


keyword research tool

google keyword search suggestions

1) Use different keyword tools to find less competitive, high search volume, long phrase keywords.

Google Keyword Planner: tool:

2) Use Google webmaster tools to check your keyword position ranking report, so that you would know how effectively is your keywords ranking and backlink building strategy?

Google Search Engine Keyword Position Check tool

kyeword serp report

3) Use Google Trend to find most search keywords in your niche with your sort input to narrow down what you want:

google trend report

4) Find more keyword Advice here:

how to get backlinks


backlinks building strategy infographic



When come to ranking top position for your keywords, use the above Step 1 Strategy first. Make sure you input your keywords in most of your page elements such as ‘Page Url‘, ‘Title‘, ‘H1 Header‘ and ‘KO‘. Then use keyword tools in Step 2 Strategy to find best keywords to rank.

After that, all your strategies are about to find External similar content website for quality Backlinks. When your site has so many quality relevant backlinks, it will help your site increase Google Pagerank, Domain & Page Authority, more traffic, then your ideal targeted keywords will rank better than your competitors under same metrics and circumstances shown here.

Check your Google Webmaster Tools backlinks counts reports

Google Webmaster tools backlinks report


1) Use best Backlinks tool: Free Backlink watch Tool checker SEO tool here –, this is the best free version backlink report tool I have ever used, give a try, you will love the result you get.

You can also input your relevant competitor’s sites to check their backlink report and spot any opportunities for your own backlinks building efforts.

If you find any pages you want to index your backlinks, you can just Email the page ownerand write a brief message that tell him how he can benefit from your page content if linking your page to.

Or you can conduct a main keyword search on Google, find all the similar site email addresses, paste it to your excel file, then send Batch Emails out with BCC mode, personized your message with a warm welcome tone that tell them to check out your useful message that might be benefit them.

Use this Website Massive Email Scraper Tool to help you get the job done, simply input one of your targeted keyword, the tool will help you generate all related website emails into an Excel file, after that, you kind of check again and delete the bad emails, copy paste all the good ones to the above Batch Email task.

If you create a content with lots of inside data, mental trigger, real marketing success case studies, useful tips with below cool creative infographic design to describe your message, then people will most likely to link your pages to his site.

The reality is always be creative with content, and it is all about creation of good content.




Paid Version – If you use paid version, you have to think about your goals, if you have a large site, it might be worth it or don’t buy it. The paid version definitely gives you more data.

Paid Backlink Tool Version:

2) Understand who are your targeted customers that might buy your products or services, try to locate which website, blogs or Q&A forums they might visiting, find a way to interact and bring value to them, so that they will click back to your site for more valuable information.

3) When you promote a message with your link, don’t oversell, make sure bring value and answer questions first.

4) If you are selling information based products. Q&A forums are always the good choice, you can find the similar site like , This is my favorite site when come to find targeted users to promote your niche products or services, you will get instant click results if you know how to answer different questions to help your targeted users. You should set up the Google Analytics Tool to track the referral traffic when you promote anywhere online. online forum marketing

check Google Analytics referral traffic 2

5) When you find a site to promote, make sure the site is not in bad reputation, it has good PageRank, high traffic, lots of activities.

6) If you promote on bad quality or garbage sites for backlinks, it is not going to help but actually doing more hard to your site in the eyes of search engines policy.

7) Make sure always find ‘Targeted Customers‘ in your niche to promote your message for better backlinks and boost your site conversion rate.

8) I have pretty good personal marketing success with Facebook Post Ad, you can learn how to set up the Ad and more information here:


9) Press Release Distribution services is a really effective way to boost your site traffic and gain long-term reputation over a period of time. You will receive lots of Google indexed pages, backlinks to your site.


Preview Press Release Article Example

METRICBUZZ.COM PRESS RELEASE MARKETING CASE STUDY REPORT PDF press release report 1 press release report 2 press release report 3 press release report 4 press release report 5

10) If your most audience are Teenagers, I strongly recommend you try to use, register an account, perfect your profile. Find a blog owner who has at lease 50,000 followers, send him/her a message, negotiate with him/her, pay a fee to ask him/her a favor to post a message for you. Your message should always include a creative Description thatbrings a mental trigger to your targeted audience, a link to click back to your site, an infographic type of image that would instantaneously attract people’s attention to your message.

This is my favorite approach to marketing to teenagers, I have huge personal success of this marketing method alone, getting 10,000 hits to your site a day by launching a marketing campaign on Tumblr is not a hard thing to do.

The Tumblr content is known for funny, meme, new generation culture stuff which most teenagers love to visit and use the blog. If you can create funny content on whatever you are doing and promote to their blog posts on Tumblr will bring your site lot of ‘Likes‘ & ‘Reblog‘ which will generate more traffic and backlinks to your site in the long term.

Ok, there are lots of detail methods about how to market on Tumblr and bring decent traffic to your site, but I can’t go details to it.

***Check My Tumblr blog ‘Reblog’ Marketing Case Study

Tumblr viral marketing

***The funny content example:

Social Quiz-what type of girl are you?

11) Blog Guest Posting: Find your 100 plus potential guest posting blogs here 

There are lots of blogs these days that allow you post quality content to their site, so all you need to do is understanding your niche market, find similar guest post blogs and apply to submit your content to their sites. Whether or not to get approval is depending on your content quality, does it bring helpful tips or value to their blog audience.

If you are able to creative cool content that bring values to the guest post blogs, and they accept your content, this would be really effective way to boost your site traffic, backlinks, ultimately influence your keywords ranking position on Google.

12) Article submissions: Looks for quality sites for your massive article submission work.

Find quality, lots of traffic sites like ,, to submit your article content. This would also be a great way to boost traffic and backlinks to your site.

Find best sites for article submission here

13)Viral Marketing, Referral Marketing, Incentive Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing:

All above marketing techniques could be tie together, imagine how those new emerging technology companies like, succeed by using these techniques?

If you have a real good product or service ready to offer, then you can study how to implement above techniques.

First you need to set up a page, reward your current users sharing your products or services to their connected friends or family members, and if they sign up, spend some money on your products or services, then the referral member would get a cash back or bonus.

If your products or services are really good, and you set up the reward system the right way, with right tracking tools, keep adjust your marketing campaign by the report data, you might have great success with these above methods.

Check 39 brand name new company successful case studies that using above marketing methods.

14) Dominate your Local Business search keywords with massive local directory submissions:

check local business listing citations tool

— Understand how your local user search for your local business, like what type of the keywords they will input on

— Using targeted keywords to create a complete business profile first, then use that profile to submit to massive local business listings to dominate your local keywords search.

— Make sure spend some money to hire a good graphic designer to create some cool graphic that able to catch your audience attention.

Find complete local business listings here

Using our Local Business Listing Citations Tool to guide you and get your job done.


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