What is Microsoft Hololens Review


What is Hololens?

“We must perceive the Hololens from how we see the world, so hololens itself shapes how we interpret the world.”

Microsoft aims at creating a vision for the future. It involves technology with required terms straight out of science fiction. That future is Microsoft hololens.

HoloLens is a holographic computer erected directly into a headset that allows you to see, hear and interact with the holograms in reach within an environment.

It consists of a high definition lens with spatial sound technology for creating an immersive, interactive holographic experience. It is designed in such a way that it understands the world around you.

There is no requirement of any wires while processing terabytes of data from the sensors in real time.

Microsoft Hololens is a real world simulation system, it can be moved, shaped, gestured according to the interaction with the use of the physical environment where it is visible.

It is a virtual Reality headset with translucent lenses for an augmented reality experience.

Hololens is completely untethered which allows users experiencing a 3D holographic image in a realistic way. This high-level of immersion enables the new methods of computing.

Microsoft has designed hololens to be used in data analysis, designing, medical imaging, standard computing, and gaming. The company is expecting that this device may inspire or attract an entirely new, freshly augmented reality experience.

How Does Hololens Work?

Hololens by Microsoft sounds interesting as well as amazing! But we don’t know how it works. So let me explain you the holographic magic of hololens.

Through the information that Microsoft has shared broader details we are able to know better about the ins and outs of this wonderfully astonishing piece of new technology.

It may appear like a screen being imaged in front of your eyes while the power is turning that the visual information as the actual 3D object. You can walk around and look at it from all angles that are just flat images seated in front of your eyes.

At the top of the hololens, there are cameras attached facing outwards. It scans the surrounding finally gathers as much data as possible. Later it turns the gathered information or data into a digital mode where the holograms experience a 3D space.

It uses a combination of standard video with infrared sensing vision to picture a 3D digital image around you. The digital eyes of the hololens gaze the world with 120-degree vision.

In order to collect enough information, the hololens needs to know where exactly your head is. It consists of an accelerometer that measures the speed of your head moving around, a gyroscope that measures the tilt and orientation of your head along with the magnetometer to function as a compass.

These sensors accelerate the hololens to gather information and decide where the hologram should appear. Microsoft doesn’t easily give away much information about the device and what is happening in there.

In a nutshell, the hololens processor gathers all the sensor data and converts it into a very small and much manageable mass of data. Everything just goes deep down inside the headset.

Microsoft Hololens Specs

The hardware specifications of Microsoft hololens with several technologies featured in detailed based on the internals of the device. The specifications are as follows:


• Intel 32-bit architecture

• It has Custom-built Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit (HPU 1.0)


• The Battery remains up to 2-3 hours

• Two weeks of standby time

• Completely functional while charging

• Passive cooling


• 64GB Flash

• 2GB RAM (2GB CPU and 1GB HPU)

OS and Apps

• Windows 10 along with windows store


• 579grams

Range of view

• Vision through holographic lenses

• The light engine is 1 pair of HD 16:9

• Pupillary distance calibration is automatic

• The Holographic Resolution is 2.3M total light points

• Holographic Density is less than 2.5k radiants


• 4 environment understanding cameras

• 1 depth camera

• 1 2MP photo / HD video camera

• Mixed reality capture

• 4 microphones


• Spatial sound

• Gaze tracking

• Gesture input

• Voice support

Input / Output / Connectivity

• Audio 3.5mm jack

• Wi-Fi 802.11ac

• Micro-USB 2.0

Microsoft HoloLens Pros and Cons

While buying a product, it is necessary to know about the strength and weakness!


• The augmented reality is made useful

• The quality of this setup is extremely good reserved with 100% future no matter it is on any capable device

• There will be no virtual reality nausea sensation or a headache

• The headset body is complete without any gaps, attractive color with low latency.

• It is a disruptive technology that will change how we compute in the future


• It is literally an extensive setup

• There are nearly 28 cameras where it requires more systems to process the input, finally optimizing it.

• It may create any unexpected technical issues while using it

• Requires complicated positioning and calibration

• Appearance may be strange

• It is quite expensive, not for the consumer market yet!

• The business profit models for the developers still remain unclear!

Microsoft Hololens Possibilities

“Time have changed; so must the lenses through which we see the future is Hololens”

Among the most interesting potential uses of Microsoft hololens will let you view, interact with the projects like assembling models, playing games, video chat with hologram version.

From assembling to choose the colors, the Intel RealSense on-stage demonstration is possible with hololens technology.

From the sounds of it, quite a lot. Microsoft presented some of the most interesting potential uses in a video, which you can see above. Among the most interesting, HoloLens will be able to let you view and interact with work projects such as assembling 3D models, play games like Mine craft, video chat with hologram versions of Skype contacts, and even watch live content.

There are obviously some exciting possibilities here and we are unable to wait what Microsoft has planned more on the front.

Microsoft Hololens Apps

The Windows 10 universal app will work with the hololens. It includes API’s to enable the developers to create holograms. Those who have created apps for other augmented reality devices have a very great potential to make holography experiences for Microsoft headset.

With the help of windows 10 universal app, you can create your own home hub wherever it is required. New universal apps can also be included by rising up the holographic start menu.

For instance, if you are using an app with hololens, just say “Follow Me” to know the content wherever you move around the room.

Microsoft Hololens Price

The pricing of Microsoft hololens is not yet fixed but Microsoft has given as a clearance that it will be priced for both the enterprise as well as the consumers for affording it.

However, the Development Edition for developers in the United States and Canada is priced as $3000.

Hololens is innovative and creative so don’t expect the price to be cheap.

Consumer Release Date

Microsoft has remained modest on a potential hololens release date. It is sure that consumers will not have it at the earliest for some time.

In spite of the development edition shipping, there is still silence on any kind of consumer release date.

“We’re not in the future yet, but you can see it from here.”

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