Driverless Car Technology Is Coming Sooner Than You Think!

Perhaps car is more dangerous when it has driver

Honestly, I’m a good driver. In the race to the autonomous revolution, Google always leads at the top. Google had started this autonomous driverless car technology in the early segment of 2009. The main objective for this Driverless car is to make it harmless and easy for people to budge everywhere in the globe.

The driverless car is the technology behind Google cars. In this type of autonomous vehicles, there will be no driver to operate or use the car. This driverless car is a robotic vehicle that can sprint through destinations without human operated.

Google constantly seeks to make things autonomous along with it diminish the manpower. Google car is one of the challenges cars that has been successfully tested. Google car has gone through the phase of demonstration in later 2015.

Driverless Car Technology

Right now the phone is an accessory to the car, but soon the CAR is going to be an accessory to the phone

The driverless car is premeditated to implement all safety-critical driving functions. This also examines roadway conditions for an entire trip. Such an enterprise anticipates that the driver will provide destination or navigation input. The driver will not be obtainable for control at any time during the trip. This covers both occupied and unpopulated vehicles.

These autonomous vehicles will be enhanced with Global positioning System. GPS will aid the user to reach between destinations and also track the automatic car that travels across the trip.

Sensors comprising Radar, LIDAR, Sonar and multiple high-resolution cameras majorly focus on the object detection. Additional features of actuators which control the electrical steering, throttle control, breaks that serves as the collision control when obstacles are passed though. All these sensors act as the signal input to the processor. Software programs and codes will make the device act accordingly.

Driverless car technology tries to have vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. The autonomous car can communicate through this channel which enhances the capacity of the autonomous vehicle. By this way, autonomous cars can shun the traffic and accidents.

Automatic vehicles will face the challenges in considering the road conditions and traffic. Sensors input that assorted with different environment and lighting.

Sensors range can cover up the different climatic changes. Minimum changes that a sensor can catch. With the help of Sun glare and heat produced also make the system to work differently. Automatic vehicles should make real-time decisions sooner that can hoard the life of the human traveling.

How Does A Driverless Car Work Really?

Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

Cars are covered in Technology that works in concert to create a system called CHAUFFEUR. Most important thing is the Light Arc Sensor in the roof of the car. Light arc sensor is nothing but a light detection and ranging. The autonomous car has well-qualified RAD.AR and SONAR system that has 64 Lasers. This Laser spins and sends micro process of lights out the surroundings.

Laser input also uses Time of light. How quick the light reflect back it, these interns determine the distance of the object. Millions of data points are taken every second, these data permits the processor to get the real-time 3D map of the environment inaccurate to centimeters.

COMPUTER VISION makes the sense of the 360-degree picture taken by the camera. This picture will be used to look out for the object around the autonomous car. An object like Traffic lights reads road signs, monitor other cars. Computer vision will also make sure the automatic car does not hit any unpredictable objects.

With all these data and GPS information processed by the central computer used to control the steering, acceleration along with the breaking. In future these cars can be connected to a centralized system can work like air traffic control for the car. Using this centralized system every car data is uploaded periodically. This help in knowing the next cars.

Google Driverless Cars

I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe

Imagine! Being the perfect Driver, you never got drowsy, never took off eyes from the road, watch all the way 360 degrees around and never got drunk. This will be the promise of driverless car technology. Google Driverless car is driven in cities, hilly areas. Day and night even in dangerous places around the all over the world. These autonomous car driven 140000 miles, good thing is that people did not even notice.

Real emit behind the Google driverless car is the Laser at the top of the car that rotates 360 degrees. With the help of GPS and Laser system processor can create a virtual imaging of the route and the object around the driverless cars. This car also helps in providing a cluster of input to the Google and that boost the map service.

A camera mounted on the rear-view mirror that will read the signal and traffic signs. This will be acting as the image tracking program that controls the car. The car also equipped with 3 Radar, 2 on the either side, one at the front. This radar will be used for switching between the lanes, maintain an appropriate distance between other cars.
An additional feature of ultrasonic sensor called position accelerator. It helps along with the Global positioning system to help the car mapping positions. There are sophisticated hardware and sensor that provide the real-time data, but without software, these data cannot be automated.

Main concerns when these Automatic cars come into the real world are adaptive? What happens if it starts raining, what happens someone jumps out, what happen if some sensor not working, what happens there is sudden assertion? All these became the real problems the software should handle.

There are different companies working on a particular section of the cars like parking, automatic brake when the car is about to hit another vehicle, sensing the distance and alerting on the approach of other vehicles. Google car tries to incorporate these entire features and get a completely automatic car. These cars will not have to steer.

Cost Of Driverless Car

The price of the automatic car is becoming quite high since they are in development stage. There are many companies trying to build their own complete autonomous cars. Cost may be varied around $70,000 to $100,000. Fully autonomous is not allowed on roads for the public transport operations. Current rules are restricted for testing purpose only.

Google is trying to build their own autonomous car and the technology behind was LIDAR. Now the price of LIDAR is getting condensed up to 500$ which in turns reduce the price of the complete autonomous vehicle.

Shared Mobility market will be having an automatic car as the medium of transport. These cars can be used for service purposes. There will be a huge impact in later years it is predicted to be $2.6 Trillion worth in next 14 year. All major transport vendors will be targeting on the autonomous car with cost saving.

Will self-driving car put cab drivers and logistic under risk?

Autonomous cars will be a threat for people who travel to live. There are around 2.9 million trucks and 674,000 buses, 181,000 cabs providing service for transport. There will be a lot of manpower left unused if these autonomous cars come into the market.

Most the big companies are already into testing these vehicles. They will be in the service-providing sectors. Small firms and working drivers will be affected in huge since most of the firms are concentrated in having service for fully autonomous.

Insurance companies welcome the technology development that can reduce the accidents.Insurance vendors expect that number of crashes will be greatly reduced and coverage becomes unclear. Most likely all public operated vehicle operated on the same route can be replaced with an autonomous vehicle. This way there will be a lot of unemployment and huge savings.

Things Attract You To Autonomous Cars

Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car.

Most mishaps are initiated by human error so if this factor can be curtailed by taking control of the moving vehicle away from the driver, the mishap rate should tumble. Reports from IIHS and HLDI has already shown that there is a huge reduction in property damage liabilities with collision claims when the cars are equipped with the automatic braking system and collision alerts.

Warehouse management helps in assisting order, pickups, movers and automatic transport of goods to various locations with Geographical location.

Line Haul Transportation helps in organized cavalcades and assisted highway trucking to mean more truckers and a better experience for truck drivers. By this way, lots of accident with big vehicles will be reduced with good traffic control.
People will be having privacy when they travel in the autonomous car. With the high-end technology, they will fell secured and safely. They can handle the emergency shop option if they feel like something is going wrong.

Improvements Can Make Autonomous Cars Go Big

Health assistant will be a huge impact. If the person is traveling in the autonomous car, they have some medical complexity or in an emergency. Measures that are available in an auto car which can assist them to near health center can be a huge impact.
The alternate sensor system, when the inputs for the certain set of sensors are not proper. Identification, precaution should be made faster so that human travels in an autonomous vehicle not to keep his life in danger.

Life Safety measures should be implemented like, an air bag that can save the human life in critical situations. Still, now there is no law and rule for autonomous vehicles. In future, we will have some set of regulation in which the self-car can work.

A driverless car can be a great advancement. But there will be a big risk and concerns arrive with the accident happening around. Cars can be made autonomous but all that we require is the assistant who can be helpful in danger situation.

The taxicab, logistics and the insurance companies will be disrupted.

Wrap Up

Conclusion defers according to the needs of the customers and the user. Lots of people will be likely to travel in the complete automatic car, but everyone will be having the thinking about the system. The driverless car will create a greater change in transport fields. Fuel that is used by the automatic car will be the key for users. In future renewable energy, the resource will be implemented for the completely autonomous car which will create a big change the world is waiting for. Finally, Reliability plays the major role is can be a driverless car or car with a driver.

“If you recognize that self-driving cars going to prevent car accidents, AI will be responsible for reducing one of the leading causes of death in the world ”

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