Internet Privacy Security Concern Is The New Social Epidemics

“Once You’ve Lost Your Privacy, You realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.”

Privacy is a fundamental right, indispensable to a democratic society. We all have something to conceal from someone either an employer, colleagues, friends, a family or stepfamily.

Why does an Internet Privacy Matters & Why you should mind?

“Privacy is Dead AND Social Media Hold the Smoking Gun”

There are a lot of people on social media. 2.8 Billion Active social media users worldwide as of Jan 2017. 1.9 Billion Users are using Facebook per month. YouTube has 1 Billion users. Instagram serves 600 million users. Twitter has 317 million users. Pinterest holds 317 million.

What if we look back in previous years, in 2010 we exploit a Google Plus, and later part of 2006 we use a twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn.

In the year of 2003, we have used an instant message, internet browser, Emails, Personal computer, Telephone, Telegraph, Telegrams, Post Letters and wall writing. Writing on the wall began as early as 10,000 bc with the caveman.

We like to unite peoples which make millions of users. An average user generates ninety pieces of content per month. Peoples are much into tweets; these tweets will express the emotions. The tweet remit on 2010 is 25 billion. 52% of the login users revise their status day by day. YouTube will resemble prospect of 2 billion views per day. In YouTube videos are uploaded 24/7.

A mediocre person spends 15 minutes per day in surfing. We like to know details about LinkedIn. It is the world’s largest professional network used by 69 of fortune companies and it has more than 12 million visitors per day.

“Social media has infected the world with a sickening virus called vanity.”

Almost every people around the word use social media. It is necessary to know how to use these tools safely. 25% households via Facebook don’t use the privacy controls hence they are not aware option. 92% are concerned about abuse of personal information when online. 40% of social network accounts have their original date of birth.

Are you aware of the risks of using social media sites? Do you know the privacy policies?

Facebook privacy policy

Facebook can sell your information to third parties. Can you think of any marketing company that would pass on such valuable information?
Only half of Government agencies have restructured their privacy policies to secure the personal information.

So what can you do?

Never post any sensitive information. Understand privacy policies and terms. Information posted on the internet is enduring. Bear out your contacts. Limit your exposure. Be wary of 3rd party applications. Don’t mix business with pleasure. Be safe.

What does Internet Privacy and Security imply?

“Publication Is a Self-Invasion Of privacy”

It defines that privacy and security of someone to prohibit information about them from civic via the internet. It is the broad thing that refers to vary factor, technique and technologies exploit that can defend sensitive information of personal data, communications, and preferences.
Internet privacy is also acknowledged as online privacy.

Internet privacy is the origin for concern to one who purchases in online, Visits social networking website, contribute in online games or be present at forums.

Jeopardy of Internet privacy includes

“Our Democracy Has Been Hacked”

Spyware: It is an offline application that acquires data devoid of a user’s permission. Previously acquired data is sent to spyware source when the CPU is online.
Malware: Used for illicitly harm online and offline computer users throughout Trojans, bugs, and spyware.

Phishing: “Hacking” it is the major thing that happening in all over the world. This will filch users personal data, Credit card number, bank account number, username, and password of the users and security PIN.

Pharming: Hacking will do a redirect trade on website visitor to a divergent IP address.

The future Hack Free Quantum Communication Technology to Rescue

Quantum mechanics guarantee harmless communication

Quantum communication is a pitch of applied quantum physics connected to teleportation and processing information of quantum. The most attractive thing is information travels through channels besides eavesdropping by the way of quantum cryptography.

Quantum cryptography urbanized a new application name as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

Quantum Key Distribution portrays the use of quantum automatic effects to perform tasks of cryptographic or to smash cryptographic systems.

Narrating Quantum Key Distribution

Two parties are there, one is Alice and the second one is Bob. By use single photons that are arbitrarily polarized to states demonstrating ones and zeroes to broadcast a series of random number sequences. These sequences are used as keys in cryptographic communications.

Stations are correlated together with a quantum channel along with a classical channel.

Alice engenders a random stream of qubits. These qubits are sent over in the channel of quantum. The Classical operation has been performed by the classical channel, its function of the stream Bob and Alice. This for checking the eavesdropper has been tried to pull out information on the qubits stream.

The presence of an eavesdropper is exposed by the defective correlation between the two lists of bits obtained after the broadcast of qubits between the emitter and the receiver.

Randomness is vital for virtually all proper encryption proposals. It is graceful to be generated by means of quantum optics.

Things That Secure the Presence in Web

People are under the heaven eye watch, the whole thing is on the cloud.

There are many basic kinds of security that are necessary for web browsing. The computer can have antivirus and malware detectors which can aware you in suspicious situations. All the data on the web that you access are cloud where junks of data’s are located. Hacker can access the cloud space and get back the data they want.

If we think that we want to safeguard the data, we necessitate some additional security to keep your online presence safer.

How not to be watched? like cover the phone camera lens, internet privacy VPN, block the location, stop sensitive messaging, no cloud backup, less WIFi connection, use a more secure pin, use privacy tracking Apps. (Living under water to stay protected)?

Supervision of Password

A password manager is a kind of utility that can supervise your online account effectively. These tools assist in creating a unique and burly password. Forms and browser specific login will provide a higher security. This can also assist the user with alerts on login with multiple users.

It has an extra option of Double login facility. There are many applications which will create a generic code to the registered mobile number or gateway. With these additional login codes that are generated on time will be good option to secure the accounts and the personal information.

Browser We Access

There are many browsers through which the user can surf the data. It is highly recommended to use the safe option. Recent development in most of the leading browser will have ignorance browsing or sandbox access.

With this kind of option, all the data that are accessed by the user will be removed at the instant the browser is closed.

Stick With Basics

The user should not be surfing in according to the topic or add that are posted. Usually, these ads will be acting as the patch file. This may lead to the data leakages.

Browsing through the person device will be a better option, rather than using a public system, in public systems, there can be trogons or virus code that runs in the background.

Using authenticated information in public system can be reduced. This in reduces the cause of misuse of confidential information.

Self-Destructive Messages

Concept behind Self-Destruction

From machine language to now all the data that are stored in the computer will be in the form of 0 and 1. Even though the data are said to be encrypted the ultimate result will be in the form of 0 and 1. Quantum mechanics is introduced as a new change over. Quantum mechanics will be having the basic of creation or destruction of data at the same time.

In simple terms “A” is an alphabet; it can be stored as 0 as well as 1. This will be changing from time to time. This will be the basic for self-destructive messages.

Private Message

There are many applications use to principle to protect the data. Major applications focus on the deletion of Photos and videos that are shared. Regarding text message, it’s very to estimate the time to delete the text message.

Ignorance Path

There are many applications that give you secured and encrypted path through which the data are transmitted and received without being hacked. Text message related security is enhanced by the timer application. The sender or the owner can set the time. With the given interval of time, the user can see the data. After the timer ends, a text message will be erased automatically.

Many applications provide the private chat option or ignorance space through which the data will be deleted after the chat has ended. They even provide you with copy protection and screen short protection.

Mail Destruction

The popular application protects email and their attachment. They provide the value add Dignify. This will be performing for the email protection and secure the attachment. There will be a given time span in which the user can access the attachment. The user will also be notified with the receiver viewing the attachment.

The extent to which Internet privacy should be protected and the methods employed to do so is currently under debate. While most agree that something has to change with regard to the personal information online, the solution is unclear.

Winding Up

Internet privacy edict may defend citizens, but they intimidate businesses, one of the cornerstones of the Internet. The Social media with alike online communication technologies permit information contribution and collaboration that would be unprecedented just a few decades ago.

“We trade our privacy for services.” Whether or not this is a fair contract is up for debate.
The heart of the issue is that all the Internet users who engage in this swap day by day are unaware of what they are really reaching themselves into.

The Politicians, lobbyists can dispute over Internet privacy until they are blue in the face, and not come to any sort of conclusion.

The only way in which we, as a connected society, will be able to shape the changing scene of the Internet positively is if people are aware of what Internet privacy really means today.

“You belong on the internet of things because you’re a tool”

We hope this was helpful! Thanks:)

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